Home wall quilt class

May 7th and 8th  10-5pm

Five Little Monkeys Quilt Shop in Weaverville, NC

https://fivemonkeyquilts.com/ for signing up and details.


Come learn how you use your My Design Center with Brother Dream- Luminaire/ or the IQ in the Babylock Destiny-Solaris to create everything in this wall quilt.

Step by step instructions to learn your machine and the design center.

Once you learn how to create these blocks, you’ll being creating all sorts of different styles!

I’ll have the binding on before class!

Five Little Monkeys has a great classroom space and is right next door to Well Bred bakery! Come and have fun while learning your machine!


Big Changes! We’ve moved and just took a huge leap of faith, trusting God to move us forward on our lives path. We are so much happier and we have found our “Home!”

This wool embroidered wall hanging, created all with my Babylock Destiny 2 sewing machine, says it all for me. We are creating a wonderful life with new experiences, challenges and in this wall hanging, new threads!

I am now apart of Wonderfil’s Teacher program. How fun and perfect is that! I get to try new threads and create wonderful things! Look at this 12 wt. spaghetti thread using your sewing machine and fancy stitches! My mind is spinning with all the cool things this can do and make!

The body and wings of the bee are stitched with the 40wt Designer thread and the stripes are created with their 8 wt. Eleganza thread typically used by hand, but I used it in the bobbin.

Not only can this design be stitched on wool, look at it on cork fabric! Wonderfil has a great line of Home Dec thread that I used to sew the cork fabric.

I will be posting my class line up for Five Little Monkeys Quilt shop in Weaverville, NC as well as for Mayland Community College.  I am in the process of working out my class offerings for Stitchin at the Beach this coming January. One will be “Threads, needles and bobbins, oh MY!”

More on all of that later, so check back soon.

So,(sew) until then, Have a great day!

It’s good to be back

T-Shirt remakes

The Thrifty Needle

 My dear Husband wears a uniform of sorts… khaki pants and Izod shirts.. He is a neat-nick and spots no matter how small will be NOT worn in public.  I however will not waste those perfectly good shirts and I remake them into shirts for me. Well… and other smaller sized family members too… but for this blog it’s about me!!

I mix and match color, texture, fabrics…. everything goes because it’s like free… I can’t wreck anything because it was already before I started, it doesn’t matter what I do or if I mess up. Knowing that takes the pressure off of creating. It frees the whole process up!

This one is in the process… I have the basic design now… I need to add texture to it. I like the simple running stitch to add details and depth, but this time I might add beads to outline the design.


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SATB 2019

Stitching at the Beach is now open for registration for it’s January 2019 school! I am thrilled because I have a wonderful line-up of classes, if I do say so myself!

Here is the link to all the information about the school, classes and mail in registration. http://stitchinatthebeach.com/

I am posting my class offerings in order of date. Check back closer to the school for updates, for kit colors, and more specifics.


1/5/19 Reverse Applique Pillow

I’m starting my week off with this one day class. The pillow we will be making is all machine work. We will add embellishments with more machine work or if you choose, a running hand stitch. Kits will include fabric, however, if you want a specific color to match your house decor then bring along either two xl men’s t-shirts or a yard of good quality cotton jersey fabric. Bring basic sewing supplies, along with a good sharp pair of small scissors for cutting away.



1/6/19 Crazy Patch Pouch

Bring your sewing machine and an assortment of threads. We’ll crazy patch a piece of fabric then spend the day learning how to embellish it to the max with what you have on your machine.Let’s make the most and use what you have! Kit provided



1/7/19 – 1/8/19 Strip and Charm Handbag

This is a two day class. We will make this bag by strip piecing, embellishing and making perfect pleather handles or straps. Kit will be provided, but if you would like to bring a few fabric scraps to make the bag your own color scheme, go ahead!



1/9/19 Needle Felted Pillow

This is a different class where I’ll show you how to needle felt a flower onto burlap. You can then create a one of a kind pillow. We will use a sewing machine later in the day for adding free-motion embellishments on the flower. Kit provided



1/10/19 Portable Project Bag

I knit, and these little pouches are perfect for carrying the yarn, pattern and project all handy dandy. While knitting I just use the wrist strap to hold everything comfortably, and it works terrific while traveling! This pouch is also handy for hand stitching projects on-the-go. My little twist is to decorate them with fancy machine stitches and adding needed little pockets for “things!” Kit provided

Scrappy Linen shift dress

Here’s a look at my new favorite scrappy dress! Mostly linen with some cotton in the lace. I like to use a crazy patch-as-you-go method. I gather a pile of scraps or fabrics together and then  start sewing pieces together to create a fabric. For a visually pleasing and flattering look I like to add one long skinny piece off center. I even added some machine embroidery to “pretty” it up, but you could just use fancy machine stitching like I did with my denim dress in the last post.

I wore it last week and it was a rather hot day, but this light colored linen was cool and comfortable. I was so happy to find uses for these left over scraps and was even happier to put these together for such a fun look. Go digging in your pile of leftover scraps and see what treasures lie there!

Jeans to Dress remake

Yesterday was a rainy stormy day, so I started to clean my closets, well one thing lead to another and a pile of give away jeans turned into a new shift dress.

(yes, my dress form is crooked, I broke a plastic part on the inside and it wobbles to the left.)

I started by openning up the legs of the pants, and randomly sewing the pieces together to create a fabric in which to layout the a pattern piece. I then added darts for shaping where it needed to be.  I tried on and off again a bunch of times to get the dress to hang the way I wanted it to and then the fun begins. I love to add bobbinwork embellishments. I had some grey crochet perle cotton and wound about 10 bobbins, then started to sew away! One pair of jeans had a screen printed a floral pattern. It was only on one leg so I got out my paint brush and painted a sort-of matching pattern with a cheap grey acrylic pant I happen to have. Best part, every dress must have a pocket!

I have this pile of scraps left over so I’ll save them for a matching purse of some sort. I’ll be posting that when I get around to making it.

Go be fearless and create!


Linen Ruffle Skirt


I have to re-post this skirt blog post. Apparently, it gets “pinned” quite a bit and think that’s so cool! I made this about 5 years ago and not only do I still have this skirt, but it still fits woo hoo!! I must have spotted the original shirt too terribly so that’s gone along with the jacket that I think I might have given to my Mom? Hummm


Today I  wear this skirt with one of my t-shirt re-makes that I teach in my classes.


Or another look is to wear my linen re-make skirt with a shirt I made over from a linen skirt that I purchased from Salvation army…


Below is the original post with tutorial, enjoy and I hope it inspires you to go digging in your old linens and remake something fun!

This is my Favorite Skirt…. It’s a black, short lightweight skirt with ruffles. I wear it with tights and black boots . I just feel good in it!

Since I fixed up my jacket I was thinking about what to wear with it??  and I knew I wanted to copy that skirt!

So I dragged out an old stained linen table cloth and some other random linens to match. I wanted a vintage-y feel so Linen seemed best. My orginal thought was to make each layer a different linen color, with the table cloth being the base fabric.  As I was trying to make that work I realized the linen was a heavier fabric than the cotton sateen of the black skirt, so I abandoned that idea for now and just used the table cloth. I love this skirt so I just wanted to copy the pattern without taking anything apart. I laid tissue paper down first then placed the skirt on top and made “pin-holes” through the skirt and on to the tissue paper. Then I just connected to dots on the paper to make the pattern pieces. I am showing the pattern piece which will be placed on the fold of the fabric. I needed the waistband, top yoke and bottom underskirt pattern. For the ruffles I cut straight lengths based on the measurements of the ruffles on the original skirt. That skirt also has a neet thing, the ruffles are different lengths. SO I went with that. Again the linen table cloth fabric was heavier than the Cotton so I took out a row of ruffles to help with the weight.I made the top section first with the zipper in the side seam. (I laid out the zipper section so you could see it… it is really in the side seam.)I like to finish off the ends of zippers since I usually never ever have the shorter sizes, I just fit the zipper in and cut the remaining length. Invisible zippers are easier to put in that way too.

I worked on the bottom half all in the round so I wouldn’t have any seams showing or ruffles  sewn into the side seams. This makes for a smoother finish. The table cloth had a hemstitch accent around the border. I just incorporated that into some of the ruffles.

I then put the two parts together…Terri's skirt and now I have a whole ensemble to wear this summer with Peggy at the    French Flea Market,  read about here… https://thethriftyneedle.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/french-flea-market/

If I make this skirt again, I would like to make it out of the lighter Cotton sateen because it lays so flat even for being ruffles.  I think because I took out of row this fabric works. I also somehow want to make a skirt with rows of different linens and maybe even lace… I just have to dream about it first….

30 minute Ruffle layer Knit skirt


I am going to re-post an older post. I get emails from Pinterest with updated pins and things that I might be interested in. Well, funny thing, One of my ruffle skirts made out of an old tablecloth was the picture! The skirt pattern I am re-posting is just as popular, so I’ll start with this simple knit skirt.

I needed another skirt (LOL!) and I have a lot of t-shirt fabric right now. So, I constructed a three layer skirt by making four tubes. The tubes are created from rectangles and then sewn/serged into a tube.

Tube number 1 is the waistband: Waist measurement___ -4″ = Length  x 5″ width

Tube number 2 is the Longest layer. I drafted out a simple A line shaped skirt  based off of my true waist, hip measurements, and length of skirt desired. Add 1 inch to the sides for both the seam allowances and fullness.

Tube number 3 is the next longest layer and I used the drafted number 2 tube for width and added an inch and a half at sides for fullness. For the length I divided my desired length (which was 19″) in thirds plus 1/2″ on top and bottom for seam allowances and hem.

Tube number 4 is the shortest layer. I drafted the same as the number 3 tube and added an inch and a half for fullness. The length is 1/3 of the finished length

I serged number 1 tube and that will become my back seam. I folded that in half with the seams inside and hidden. Set aside while serging or seaming all the rest of the layers.

I serged all the layer tubes at the side seams to make the tubes.

Sew tube number 4 (the shortest layer) to number 2 tube and (longest layer) with a stretch stitch (basically that is a tiny slanted zig-zag) at the top edge.

The middle layer pin on the longest layer making sure the layer above covers the seam. You are basically top-stitching the middle layer onto the skirt.

didn’t worry about finishing the seams because Knit won’t fray apart and the seam will be hidden.

I did sew two rows to make the layer lie flat at a slight zig-zag.

With right side together pin the folded Waistband tube to fit the skirt sections. There will be a gap in the skirt sections as they are wider. Sort of stretch the waist band…Not too much, just enough to fit so there aren’t any “pleats” in the skirt. I serged this all the way around.  I tried it on and I liked it…. but I thought a bit more finishing was needed so I three needled serged (or rolled hemmed) all the layer hems to “clean it up”

I am using a jersey knit which has stretch. I used that stretch to make this a pull on skirt with no added elastic. Just the knit and it stays on quite nicely. The title and posting took way longer than the skirt! Knit is so forgiving

Have fun!

Needle in a Haystack Retreat and Fabric outlet Barn

I had to write about this awesome place. I actually got to teach here!!! This beautiful old dairy barn was wonderfully restored into a sewing retreat! Can you believe it? Brilliant!!  Judy Fenton has created heaven on earth and has shared it with the sewing world and now me too!

Everything, every detail is welcoming and magical for a wonderful retreat spot. Who wouldn’t love to get to sew in this space?

Perfect tables, comfortable chairs, great lighting and a delicious luncheon served either out on a flower bedecked patio or inside in a separate dining space.

Not only does she have this terrific space upstairs for the classes, but downstairs the rooms for staying over night are filled with quilts and charm to fill your dreams with inspiration! If that’s not enough there is also a fabric outlet retail space on the other end of the barn! Too perfect for  words.

Linda and her sister Roberta were quests one evening and it was so much fun to chat with ladies outside of a class setting. It made it perfect for the next days class to already know people.

We started altogether in the morning on a sample to learn the technique, then in the afternoon they took off. I wish I was more aware, but I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have of what ladies were creating. I like to live in the moment and pictures slipped my mind. I was really having a great time teaching.

There were turtles and flowers and all sorts of creative projects started.

From the moment I stepped off the plane these three absolutely fabulous ladies took care of me! I can not explain what an honor to not only teach but to meet these rock stars of sewing!  

I mean, how many times do you walk into a store with the designer and author of the current magazine cover?? Totally cool!!

Best time ever!!



August 31st Crazy Patch Class

Thursday August 31st Crazy Patch/ Bobbinwork class.

Conway Library Community Room during Sewing Basket time.

Bring the supplies listed below to create one crazy patch square to embellish using your machines fancy stitches and Bobbinwork.

The above are examples of some crazy patch and are embellished with a technique called bobbinwork. The decorative thread is wound on the bobbin. You sew with the right side of the fabric facing the bobbin.

This is embellished with fancy stitches on my machine, but I used bobbinwork as a trim around the edges.


Sewing machine with at least  zig-zag capabilities in good working order. Bring basic sewing supplies like pins, scissors, ripper, machine needles, and extra bobbins.

If trying bobbinwork you will need about a size 10 crochet cotton, 8 perle cotton, or try a skein of floss… Bring matching top thread.

Bring fabric pieces to make approximately a 12″ square. In the picture above there are 10 different scraps that were to be thrown out. You will need one backing piece of fabric about 12″ square along with a piece of batting to match. I will bring extra in case someone is in need of backing and batting. I also will bring some scraps to share… 🙂

More information will be discussed August 10th during our normal time to meet.