30 minute Ruffle layer Knit skirt


I am going to re-post an older post. I get emails from Pinterest with updated pins and things that I might be interested in. Well, funny thing, One of my ruffle skirts made out of an old tablecloth was the picture! The skirt pattern I am re-posting is just as popular, so I’ll start with this simple knit skirt.

I needed another skirt (LOL!) and I have a lot of t-shirt fabric right now. So, I constructed a three layer skirt by making four tubes. The tubes are created from rectangles and then sewn/serged into a tube.

Tube number 1 is the waistband: Waist measurement___ -4″ = Length  x 5″ width

Tube number 2 is the Longest layer. I drafted out a simple A line shaped skirt  based off of my true waist, hip measurements, and length of skirt desired. Add 1 inch to the sides for both the seam allowances and fullness.

Tube number 3 is the next longest layer and I used the drafted number 2 tube for width and added an inch and a half at sides for fullness. For the length I divided my desired length (which was 19″) in thirds plus 1/2″ on top and bottom for seam allowances and hem.

Tube number 4 is the shortest layer. I drafted the same as the number 3 tube and added an inch and a half for fullness. The length is 1/3 of the finished length

I serged number 1 tube and that will become my back seam. I folded that in half with the seams inside and hidden. Set aside while serging or seaming all the rest of the layers.

I serged all the layer tubes at the side seams to make the tubes.

Sew tube number 4 (the shortest layer) to number 2 tube and (longest layer) with a stretch stitch (basically that is a tiny slanted zig-zag) at the top edge.

The middle layer pin on the longest layer making sure the layer above covers the seam. You are basically top-stitching the middle layer onto the skirt.

didn’t worry about finishing the seams because Knit won’t fray apart and the seam will be hidden.

I did sew two rows to make the layer lie flat at a slight zig-zag.

With right side together pin the folded Waistband tube to fit the skirt sections. There will be a gap in the skirt sections as they are wider. Sort of stretch the waist band…Not too much, just enough to fit so there aren’t any “pleats” in the skirt. I serged this all the way around.  I tried it on and I liked it…. but I thought a bit more finishing was needed so I three needled serged (or rolled hemmed) all the layer hems to “clean it up”

I am using a jersey knit which has stretch. I used that stretch to make this a pull on skirt with no added elastic. Just the knit and it stays on quite nicely. The title and posting took way longer than the skirt! Knit is so forgiving

Have fun!

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