French Flea Market

I was out of town visiting my parents in Indiana. Friday July 8th my sister,Peggy  her daughter, Rachel, my daughter, Mary Kathryn took my Mom to this outdoor French flea market in Tipton Indiana. We got up early and met so my sister did all the driving. I had no clue what we going to or where, so that was a good call!!

What a fun day. The first thing was a “make-it take-it” class: I’m not a scrap-booker but I loved this! Tim Holtz is the designer of stamps and dies and his work has a distressed look. His new stains called Distress stain is fabulous.  Good on paper and ribbons and fabric…the walnut stain will give an antique look and quality to lace or paper or… Oh the possibilities!

enter into this “other world” on this beautiful day…

The booths all had the look of vintage and shabby chic, and all so cleaver

The flowers, the food and the fun!!!
A really fantastic day!!
Not an inch to spare on the way home too!!


3 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    WOW…Herrick women know how to have fun!!!

    1. We do! I only wish Jennifer and Judy were there too!!

  2. […] I then put the two parts together… and now I have a whole ensemble to wear this summer with Peggy at the    French Flea Market,  read about here… […]

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