The Thrifty Needle is a personal account of economical sewing techniques and methods written by Terri Click.  As a working mother of four and accomplished textile artist, sewing is Click’s chosen challenge and passion. Follow her as she sews, knits, and teaches applying her lifelong slogan of “Use it up, make it do or do without.” From coastal South Carolina, Terri Click is a sewing instructor. For teaching inquires email her at … tclick@sccoast.net

8 responses

  1. Kathleen Curl | Reply

    Love your blog- so proud of you!

  2. Michele Simons | Reply

    Hi Terri: I took your soup can pincushion class at SATB. It now sits proudly on my cutting table, and I love it! Your website is GREAT. I love the “alternative broomstick” skirt that you made. I’m wondering if it could be done on a diagonal or vertical somehow to avoid those horizontal bands across generous hips! Suggestions? Hugs–Michele Simons in Durham, NC

    1. Oh I so thought of that too!!! I wanted to make an all white version with bits of lace and I was thinking diagonal. With my (lack) of height I should do a vertical, but for some reason I can’t see that on me…. Thank you so much for stopping by and yes I remember you from class send a picture of your Pincushion! We had such a good time at SATB!

  3. jenny Bielefeld | Reply

    Love that secretary desk! You should totally paint it. It would be very easy~painting furniture is much more forgiving then you’d think. I recommend walmart’s spraypaint
    primer. There is a blog that I follow~ All things thifty Decor…she has a great tutorial on spraypainting furniture.

  4. Hey Terri! This is your neighbor, Libby, up the street. I saw your blog on Barb Streeter’s facebook post. This is great! I didn’t know you did all of this. I, too love anything to do w/needlecrafts, especially quilting, but haven’t had the time to devote to it since we moved here and I’m working. One day I’ll get back into it. I love your site..will keep checking in to see what you’re in to. Come visit!

  5. Hi Teresa,

    I love the owl – hint,hint!

    Love you,Peggy

  6. MaryLynne Videll | Reply

    Hi, I was sorting through my sewing items and came across the to and a Point Guide by zeolite Smith, but I cannot find the directions. Is this domething you can help with?

  7. MaryLynne Videll | Reply

    Correction: it is the Tuck and Point Guide by Eleanor Smith.

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