Tucker foot

This little lovely  pillow was made with rows of tucks and a technique called either “point and tuck” or” Sharks teeth.” I taught this  dainty little pillow class with Eloise Smith the last year she was at Sewing at the Beach.  Eloise is the inventor of this ruler/guide

BUT! To make the tucks easy the handy tucker attachment is FABULOUS! For some reason this vintage tool is not made for newer machines, they are made in low, high, back attaching, geist and slant shanks… so you can find one that will fit your older machines.

It actually is a very easy attachment to use. There are two setting adjustments on the foot. The one in front controls the space between the tucks. The numbers represent 1/8″.  To adjust this turn the screw either closer or further apart. On the end of this space marking bar and underneath is a spur. This spur is what “marks the fabric for the next tuck and this is how you get the space between each tuck and a guide for the next row of tucks.

The next guide is in the back and can be adjusted by turning the screw and moving the sewing guide closer to the needle or further away. This guide is where you put the folded edge of the fabric for stitching. Do you see the ‘score’ line for the next tuck? The stitching line is making the first tuck  with the folded edge is next to the guide and the score line marks where the next fold will be.

Your tucks can be as small as 1/8th of an inch or as large as 1″ with no space in between up to a 1/2″ in between.

Here is a printing from a Singer manual about this attachment and the spacing:


Now, I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but maybe a you tube video will help and here is a great one…


This foot is a treasure, so give it a try…

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2 responses

  1. This is FABULOUS, Terri! I have this foot–now to see what machine it will fit. I wish I could just look over your shoulder all day, at least the days you are at the Farm and in your sewing room. Thanks!

  2. […] I created the tucks very quickly this morning using the same techniques as posted here:  https://thethriftyneedle.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/tucker-foot/ […]

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