Pillow crazy

I wanted to spruce up around the house since my spinning group is meeting here tomorrow and pillows are a fast and easy project
Now you could go through your fabric stash or you could go through your closet.
Here’s the back of the pillow

That’s right!! It looks like what was once the front of a button down linen shirt.
Now look at this pillow using the back of a linen shirt for the front if the pillow and the front of the shirt for the back of the pillow. Pocket and all!


I got the ideas for the pillow fronts from looking around Pinterest and I forgot to link the pins.

I made these pillow the other day to dress up an outside bench and it rained on them so they were sopping wet when i snapped this photo. Thankfully I stuff outside pillows with plastic bags. They’ll dry out fast!

Fun spun trim



I made this outdoor pillow from a coffee burlap bag using needle felting for the flower and for the trim I used an overspun yarn I made while learning to spin.
I simply zig-zag stitched over the yarn.

I’m showing how I made the trim however I sewed directly on the fabric and that photo was too dark so this is on a piece of white fabric.

This is a close up of the flower which was first needle felt then free motion stitched on top to give some definition.

Homemade lazy Kate

If I went to SAFF I would have looked at lazy kates. The one that came on the kiwi gets caught around the front peg and sometimes spins out of control. I wanted a tensioned Kate for this reason.



After a quick look online I found one I wanted to make. It’s basically a square piece of wood with three dowel rods to hold the spools. The tension was to come from a line around the spool grooves and tied on to an eye using a spring for control. Like the tensioning on my kiwi spinning wheel. I found after playing around that felted circles under the spools works much smoother and better for me. I added a garden wire loop to guide the singles through for even plying.
A new to me toy for nothing!!

Making my own SAFF

South Eastern Fiber Festival is happening this weekend near Ashville NC. I was lucky enough to go last year and as I sit here at home this year I can still remember and enjoy all the colors, sights and smells!!
Since I was unable to go this year I still wanted the experience. Last year I didn’t take a class so this year I made up my own to learn and do here. We fiber people tend to have fabric, yarns and fiber goodies waiting to be used right at our fingertips or in my case, all over my studio space. So off I went!

Having some free time yesterday afternoon I pulled assorted blue, white and tan yarns to teach my self the linen stitch. I googled and searched and read and studied this simple but terrific knitted stitch to make a scarf. The stitch is created by knitting one stitch then slipping the next stitch with the yarn in front. There is no purling the knit and slip are then swapped for the next round.

I’m knitting mine in the round with a bunch of plain knitted stitches which will be cut and un-knit to make the fringe

Next try was the hand felting tools I have and hadn’t really tried yet.

I cut up an already felted sweater to make a pair of slippers


I cut the pieces of fabric and wanted to needle felt two layers for the bottoms and a binding around the opening. Hands down the simple needle felting tool by clover won!! The simplicity electric felted machine is a joke. Don’t waste your money if I had the receipt from all brands I would return it!! I really wonder if the makers even tried to use it or tested to see if it could even felt. Terrible! Anyway, I hand felted with the clover tool which really was amazingly fast and easy, then blanket stitched around the binding. I whipped stitched the layers together and since I cut them a size larger for my foot I am washing and drying them to shrink a bit more. Here they are pre-felted:

Next up a long walk then I might try my hands at warping my rigid heddle loom in a pattern. Or. I might try numo felting or. I have a quilt that needs to go in the antique frame for hand quilting or……..
Keep learning, we have so much at our access to do so. Have fun!!

A full moon and one thread

The blood moon is supposed to bring on imminent doom. I believe it!!! The other morning I saw the wretched red moon and thought cool, in hind sight I should have just gone back to bed!
In the studio one stray thread wrapped itself behind the race of the bobbin, here below is how I spent my day:



7 hours later, tears, laughter and then just letting it go until the next day, everything is in working order and back together.
So moral of the story, clean out your machines of lint and stray threads, and never do anything important on a blood moon !!!

To make up for the very-bad-no-good-day, I dyed up a batt of the left over Tunis from this past weekend. I used a food coloring idea and at first I wasn’t as thrilled as was expected to be.The colors mixed up too much…..I had picked okra and two small eggplants and the colors really were beautiful and I tried to create that. It didn’t work like I planned
But then I took it for a spin this morning and ohhhh I’m happy!!



So when a problem happens, give it time and work through it. What we say in our house, “work will win when worrying won’t!”

Fall festival yarn

I forgot to post a picture of the yarn I spun at brookgreen. I plyed it today and it didn’t turn out too bad. Very fall-ish!

Fall festival at Brookgreen gardens

Our spinners group is invited to spin as part if the fall celebration at Brookgreen Gardens. Now if you know nothing about Brookgreen gardens google it quick. I’ll wait!! In short it’s heaven!

We are down in the zoo area in the Campbell center and I got there early to hog this table space for myself!


Ok I seriously need want this sturdy basic outdoor tall table, but that’s beside the point. I demonstrated a cleaned fleece and the processes just to get it to the spinning wheel. So I talked picking, carding, combing, hackling, dizing, dyeing and now I’m pooped out!!! Every year after this event we have more recruits for our group which we all say ” another one falling down the rabbit hole!” We all blame Pam! Here’s some pictures

A raw ram fleece








It’s something to see a bunch of women with spinning wheels and drum carders piled on a golf cart!

Great weekend, thanks girls! Anyone in the area on October 16th downtown Conway public library 11-1 and lunch to follow at Grady’s Yum! Here’s a sneak peak of dessert


Indigo part 2


So yesterday I got brave and tried dying locks of Romney wool flleece.
I put about one pound of soaked cleaned raw locks in a plastic strainer type bucket and placed in my vat of indigo I regret to say I forgot to take a photo then. Indigo smells so bad I just forgot due to holding my breath.
I am so excited to see how it looks spun so I am spinning straight from the dried locks

As I progress more I will post more. Yay!!! I can’t even figure out how I got so many colors from all the same locks, same number of drippings in the vat, and basically the same in everything. I did not stir the vat or move any locks to be careful not to add oxygen to the vat so maybe the bottom locks took more indigo than the top layer of locks? Just a curious happening, but sorta cool!

Scrappy yarn

Isn’t this a cool looking yarn. Ok, first you’ll need some left over yarns. I used ribbon, eyelash, and novelty yarns in bright bold colors.

I wound a ball of the mix-matched yarns by winding a little (say a yard or so) of one color, cut the yarn and tie on one or two yarns from another yarn and wind. Cut off at about a yard and then repeat in random fashion winding a colorful ball.

You could just use that yarn as is now to knit a fun scarf but I plyed that lovely yarn with a couple of solids to give it more substance.


I did this on my wheel, but you could just as easily taken the four yarns and tie them together and wound a ball. You wouldn’t have the added twist so you would have to watch when winding and using the yarn in a project for knotting.
I chose to weave it on my simple loom with the left over warp yarns from a previous project.


Now here’s the cool part. Maybe I have 2 hours in this project!
Have a great day!!

Funky yarn


<a href
This is a yarn I played last night. I coiled one of the singles around the other two. I think I will weave this into scarf

I just picked this book up from the library today and I can’t wait to start. The photographs are like a holiday already!!!

I want to finish this pillow before I start my book. I double hooped the top of the pillow to make the words as large as the actual pillow. The fabric piece is an 19″ square. The font is monogram wizards sweet script I can’t wait to mail this off to a certain college girl.