Scrappy Linen shift dress

Here’s a look at my new favorite scrappy dress! Mostly linen with some cotton in the lace. I like to use a crazy patch-as-you-go method. I gather a pile of scraps or fabrics together and then  start sewing pieces together to create a fabric. For a visually pleasing and flattering look I like to add one long skinny piece off center. I even added some machine embroidery to “pretty” it up, but you could just use fancy machine stitching like I did with my denim dress in the last post.

I wore it last week and it was a rather hot day, but this light colored linen was cool and comfortable. I was so happy to find uses for these left over scraps and was even happier to put these together for such a fun look. Go digging in your pile of leftover scraps and see what treasures lie there!

One response

  1. janiceferguson84951994 | Reply

    Your scrappy dresses are just fabulous. Is there no end to your creativity? And you thriftiness?

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