Jeans to Dress remake

Yesterday was a rainy stormy day, so I started to clean my closets, well one thing lead to another and a pile of give away jeans turned into a new shift dress.

(yes, my dress form is crooked, I broke a plastic part on the inside and it wobbles to the left.)

I started by openning up the legs of the pants, and randomly sewing the pieces together to create a fabric in which to layout the a pattern piece. I then added darts for shaping where it needed to be.  I tried on and off again a bunch of times to get the dress to hang the way I wanted it to and then the fun begins. I love to add bobbinwork embellishments. I had some grey crochet perle cotton and wound about 10 bobbins, then started to sew away! One pair of jeans had a screen printed a floral pattern. It was only on one leg so I got out my paint brush and painted a sort-of matching pattern with a cheap grey acrylic pant I happen to have. Best part, every dress must have a pocket!

I have this pile of scraps left over so I’ll save them for a matching purse of some sort. I’ll be posting that when I get around to making it.

Go be fearless and create!


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