Needle in a Haystack Retreat and Fabric outlet Barn

I had to write about this awesome place. I actually got to teach here!!! This beautiful old dairy barn was wonderfully restored into a sewing retreat! Can you believe it? Brilliant!!  Judy Fenton has created heaven on earth and has shared it with the sewing world and now me too!

Everything, every detail is welcoming and magical for a wonderful retreat spot. Who wouldn’t love to get to sew in this space?

Perfect tables, comfortable chairs, great lighting and a delicious luncheon served either out on a flower bedecked patio or inside in a separate dining space.

Not only does she have this terrific space upstairs for the classes, but downstairs the rooms for staying over night are filled with quilts and charm to fill your dreams with inspiration! If that’s not enough there is also a fabric outlet retail space on the other end of the barn! Too perfect for  words.

Linda and her sister Roberta were quests one evening and it was so much fun to chat with ladies outside of a class setting. It made it perfect for the next days class to already know people.

We started altogether in the morning on a sample to learn the technique, then in the afternoon they took off. I wish I was more aware, but I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have of what ladies were creating. I like to live in the moment and pictures slipped my mind. I was really having a great time teaching.

There were turtles and flowers and all sorts of creative projects started.

From the moment I stepped off the plane these three absolutely fabulous ladies took care of me! I can not explain what an honor to not only teach but to meet these rock stars of sewing!  

I mean, how many times do you walk into a store with the designer and author of the current magazine cover?? Totally cool!!

Best time ever!!




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  1. janiceferguson84951994 | Reply

    What a great post and what a great event. You were very fortunate to teach such a lovely group of students in such a fabulous venue. But they were just as lucky to have you there to teach them. I know they must have all loved you—everyone does! Yay Terri!

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