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Pink angora Sweater

DSCF6837I knitted the sweater over a year ago and the bottom hem was a basketweave pattern. I hated it! It made me look fat! Ew.. so it sat folded in my drawer. Who keeps an angora hand knit sweater stuffed in a drawer? So I ripped it apart from the bottom up. Thankfully I knitted this sweater from the top down so it was fairly easy once I got it started. Another plus was that I knitted it in the round.

DSCF6836I saw this lace pattern at: on the feather lace Cowl patern by Ewelina Murah. It was a simple and clearly written pattern and I was able to knit it up over a couple of evenings. Now, I am happy! I love the smoother lace finish and hopefully it looks better on me. I can’t wait to wear it now!

A few other items I have been working on:

DSCF6835A pair of high-waisted jean shorts, dressed up and remade from a pair of goodwill long jeans. Girls like the added lace detail …

DSCF6840A single ply from the chevoit white wool fleece that I cleaned, and dyed.

DSCF6839Slivers and scraps of fabric sewn together in a long…long strip, then wrapped onto an old bobbin and ready to corespin into another novelty scrap yarn. I sort of just like it as it is… isn’t it pretty!

DSCF6828and the girls… just for fun!!!

Have a great weekend!


Passap Vario

I like to knit, and knit all the time. A girl friend of mine got a new-to-her-toy and asked if I could figure it out. DSCF6592I searched the internet looking for information on this model, and it must not have been the most popular passap, I can find information on different more elaborate models, but this is the basic version so I guess I can figure it out???DSCF6591I clamped it onto an old ironing board and I used information based on the Bond Ultimate Knitting machine to set it up. There are differences, but they seem to work on the same principle. Getting started is probably the trickiest part. In the above photo I started by e-wrapping the yarn around the needles.DSCF6593There are cast on combs with this machine, which are basically weights to hold the knitting on the machine. and I think I have figured them out.DSCF6594The knitting happens when you lay the yarn in the open needles and slide the carriage over the needles which close the latches and pulls the yarn through  the previous stitch… like knitting …..DSCF6602It’s just a learning curve I have to overcome….. Any information or links would be great. I probably just need some time and not get interrupped every five minutes…LOL….

So back to work and today I had Alter linens and new  T shirt orders….DSCF6596I love these linens, I don’t  get to do do fine hemstitching everyday so it’s a treat to squeeze that in a days work!DSCF6595These actually are a gift for my church. The sermon this week was in part about finding and using your gifts as the body of the church. I then saw a spot on the linens at communion…. and saw my gift was in need. Another need starts this Thursday at our first choir practice!!! My Daughter and I are going to participate together. I was so excited that I thought that the practice was last Thursday and we went a week early….LOL! There will be a dinner after practice and I am bringing a keylime pie…and I’m making the crust ahead of time. I made one last week for the week early dinner, and when I came back home with it my son was so happy!!! I better make two this week, one to go and one to stay.DSCF6523Both the pie dish and rolling pin are gifts to me from my youngest daughter, and they make pie making so much fun!


Yarn Bombing!


Dancing with Wool, a public art project, was sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn, Create Conway, Conway Glass, and Conway Downtown Alive! This is Conway South Carolina’s Riverfront Park on the beautiful Waccamaw river in Downtown Conway.

This is the light pole I bombed. Hurricane Sandy delayed the installation  a day later and this Sunday morning bright and early Dixie Knitters, Create Conway members, and … myself….. started. Sandy brought in windy cooler weather so it really gave an atmosphere of fall, the perfect time for wool to be out in all it’s glory!

Courtney was working on her’s and this is what it look finished with wonderful leaves scattered and falling!

Teresa crocheted wonderful mottifs and patterns on her  pole.


Rhonda made several… One was a can-can girl and the other was a recycled baby made of plastic grocery bags.


Barbara and Eddie Streeter of Conway Glass decorated this lamp post. Barbara spearheaded the whole project and Eddie was up and down the ladder helping everyone to install the high places on their pole:

Emily crocheted several pieces also, and I love the look of this random , non-light pole.


Oh and look at the bottom, I love the flowers both real and crocheted!

I love this one and I do not know who was the artist… so, speak up and leave a comment if this is yours so I can give credit and that goes for all the rest pictured….





Cedar Wrap

This “cedar wrap” pattern is by Susan B Anderson for Spud and Chloe. I didn’t use that yarn, but a pretty deep purple wool I had in my stash. the pattern is found here:

Spud and Chloe Yarn can be found here:

and Susan B Anderson can be found here:

This was a free pattern and I have wanted to make it since they posted it on their web site.  I am not a lacy knitter… too much counting and I get interrupted every minute so… I lose count and fail at lace. This is an easy repeat pattern, made in one long strip. two rows to memorize…easy cheesy! I also really like Susan’s whole knitting style and patterns. I have worked on this during my Sunday evenings at Downton Abbey.

Wrapping the shawl around my neck  makes the collar roll all by itself. The buttons add interest and you don’t even need to make the buttonhole while you knit. The open-ness of the pattern just makes the button hole.  How easy is that?? I really enjoyed wearing it today because it was warm enough with just a long sleeved white T-shirt and a pair of dark jeans and I got all sorts of compliments! WOO_HOO!!!

Now if you like quick, easy and stylish patterns check both sites out. Spud and Chloe is changing their blog and I’m a bit disappointed because you have to hunt around now for their free patterns, so make sure to to go Susan’s website also. While your there check out some of her knitting videos. Speaking as a self taught knitter, seeing someone actually knit out something explains so much!


Un-finished Projects!

I just want to finish a few things I started this was one of the firsts:I started this Louisa Harding pattern a couple of years ago. My SIL gave me a gift certificate to Halcyon Yarns and I got the silky green wool yarn. I checked out a terrific book from the library and this pattern was in it. Louisa Hardings knitting patterns are classic, but update, and I just loved this one.I learned how to knit with fair-Isle patterns and enjoy knitting this style. This just took longer since I was using size 2 needles and I had to pay attention while knitting the colorwork. Then… well… The sleeves sat for a year waiting to be sewn in. That always seems like the hardest part… finishing.

I also worked on a few sewing projects too:

 A tote bag I started the front for a class sample demonstration. This is the back with a large pocket… and check out the super fun inside lining…

The other side of pockets….

This is a look from down into the tote bag

I really like the couching over yarns….how fun do these look??

I had to finish a apron… and I have a couple more to make for a local museum.

It’s been a while!

Wow, where does the time go?? Christmas work rush and school breaks sometimes don’t always mix well and my time seems stretched to the limits. Isn’t that the job description for “MOM?”

Here are some picture of things I have been working on, outside of monogramming work and short of the mending and hemming of new school clothes and out-of-the-cedar-chest stored clothes… Kinda boring work, but very thrifty since I don’t spend a dime on the stored clothes!

This is some lovely yarn that Linda gave to me. The yarn on these two cones are very fine alone so I combined them and knitted a wonderful “open” knit eternity scarf. Yes, I am still knitting belated Christmas gifts, but since I haven’t actually seen these friends yet for the holiday, they aren’t really late yet!

Linda gave me two other cones of fine yarn, one shade difference in blues, 

and together they made this wonderful blend.

I’m really putting my size 13 circular needles to the test this time of the year….

More to come on a finished 2 year long project…. phew!

Happy New Year, bring 2012 on!!

knitted fingerless mits

I went to Knit and Purl Saturday morning and while I was browsing the shop the owner and I were chatting. I mentioned my cold hands (I’m always cold?)  Phyllis lent me the shops fingerless mittens made out of a lovely soft wool. I was so sad to give them back that I had to go home and make a pair for myself. So ere’s my pattern:

Knitted Fingerless Mits


I purchased one  50g ball of Ironstone color changing wool blend. This little pattern will only need about 100 yard of worsted weight yarn, so raid your stash!

I knitted using 3 Double pointed needles size 7

Cast on 21 stitches on the first needle and continue onto the second dpn casting on 21 more stitches. A total of 42.

join into a circle without twisting stitches and K3 P3 . The first needle will start and end with 3 knit stitches and the second needle with start and end with 3 purl stitches.

Follow this pattern until  approximately  2″ from the top edge. Prepare to make the thumb opening,  instead of knitting in a circle at the first needle turn your work and follow your knit /purl to the end  of the second needle and turn back again. You are now knitting a flat piece so follow your pattern as to knitting or purling. Do this for about 2″.

To close off the thumb hole, instead of turning the work, join back into a circle following the knit/purl pattern for 4″ past thumb hole and bind off.

Tie in ends and wear! These are perfect for holding a book and reading or… for knitting more!!


Can you guess it??

My Daughter and Sister in Law sent me a surprise gift in todays mail. It was a lovely card and a pretty little pair of blue flower earings, and then… this…..????

My Youngest son was with me and I told him to open the package… to him it was silly, a card written in cursive (so a mystery to  him,) earings and this….? It said “chicken boots” on the tag, so naturally we started giggling. I was driving the car rushing to a soccer game so he was inspecting it for me.

We came up with a game… what could this be??? Boots for chickens and other silly things we mentioned. Then he noted a clue…. “needle keeper.” I thought of my embroidery needle and maybe a floss or two. Then I thought maybe machine needle case holder, but I couldn’t figure out what the elastic was for……

I gave up and curiosity got the best of us, and if in doubt, google it. Sure enough we got our answer and it is brilliant!… I So Love and need my gift!!!

What do you think it is??

If you can’t guess go to:

I love all of their items… so functional….

Thank you CC and SIL XOXOXO

Summer 2011 knitting

I am a consistent Knitter. I knit all year long. I used to be a good knitter, but I had an accident involving my left index finger a year and a half ago and I have a hard time “feeling” the tension. I used knitting as therapy to “teach” my finger how to move again and remarkably to even my doctor my finger works and looks like it did before.

So I knit… And here are some of m summer projects….

This  sweater was knit with recycled yarn from my daughters closet and an American Eagle cable knit cotton sweater.

I still can’t decide what button to use… I’m not loving any so far…. This is knitted from the top down with my favorite pattern… I use:

I want to use all my gathered little bits of yarn up to clean up some of the many baskets of yarn that I have everywhere throughout the house… One example:


I liked how this  wave scarf turned out BUT I would not recommend this wave pattern to anyone who gets interrupted every five minutes… too stressful!!!  I finished with four colors..

This I love!! It was such a stress-free, one evening project… You really get  into the relaxing part of knitting… you know the “Zen” of knitting (I read a book with some really deep philosophical thoughts on knitting and peace and centering your life…??)

I just used the little leftovers, no big revelation here. The above is the child version for a little Christmas gift. The teenager scarf will be much longer, still skinny but they can wrap and warp it… I am told by my teen that, that’s cool. I am so loving knitting it.

I cast on 250 stitches. Knit the rows and change the yarns at the ends leaving the tails to form the fringe. I will add more fringe after I finish to thicken the fringe out. No set color pattern or row numbers either…. This is the perfect project to ride out the hurricane tonight. The bands of rain have already started hitting and we are at the top of South Carolina just 30 minutes from the border of NC. I hate that the outer banks gets nailed again. Please Irene , turn out to sea!!

I Love this yarn, Free trade Malbringo, but now, that I’m just about finished, I don’t really love the pattern. I LOVE the one side (the herringbone,) but the back side is not really my favorite… SO I’m thinking about un-knitting it and remaking it into something more wonderful. I really really like working with this very smooth roving type yarn.

Isn’t it wild how the same project with the same camera taken seconds after each other and the colors come out so different. The scarf is more closely colored to the first picture

Then this… My daughter took me to Purl of Soho while in NY and I got this lovely Spud and Bud Outer yarn.. I can’t wait to start this little beauty!!

Have a safe weekend to everyone up the Eastern Coastline. Evacuate if they say to… do you hear me girls…. xo

Recycled Yarn sweater remake

When my friend Rhonda gave me the linen blouse that I copied the pattern from, she also gave me a fabulous Silk/cotton blend sweater. It was a XL boxy pullover.
I forgot to take a picture of it before I took it completely apart but, I snapped a photo of the sleeve. For the most part a sweater knitted in production has fewer knots and basically the entire front and then back are one complete ball of yarn. The shoulder sections maybe be tricky and produce a small ball of yarn, and I use this to knit a swatch.

When Un-knitting a sweater start by making sure your sweater is a good candidate for this. The seams must NOT be serged at the arms-eye or side seams. If a sweater is only serged at the shoulder seams then you can salvage the yarn. The Blue purple sweater was chain-stitched together and came apart like a breeze.

This pink sweater is another one I am currently salvaging yarn.. A yummy Pima Cotton … soooo soft! This sweater was serged at the shoulders but chain-stitched at the sides. I first remove all tags and labels carefully

This is what you want to see for an arms-eye seam. See how the edges are not cut. This means you can unravel the knitting in one piece.

You want to find that at every seam so ripping apart is easy. You-Tube has some videos that show you how to find the beginning of the chain, once that is found, one pull and the seam in un-done. Start at the neck line, next are the shoulders, then side seams… usually from sleeve to hem, then remove the sleeves.

From this to ….

Back to my blue/purple yarn

I wanted a simple to knit, easy/fast knit, summer cropped sweater. Knitting from the top down is the fast and easiest…. and this pattern/formula works every-time for me. It’s called The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater  and you can find it here:

The really cool thing about this is that it’s a formula,  you plug in the measurements to fit your body, then you knit a swatch with your yarn and your needles… whatever you have. You measure the swatch and then using this formula you have a pattern to fit you with your yarn and your needles. I have used this several times and have the best results everytime.  It just works!

I have one more sleeve on the pink but this is the same “pattern” for both sweaters!!

Raglan sleeves are so flattering and fit so well. Then the bonus is that knitting from the top down is so fast, no seams and you can try it on as you go!!!