Pillow crazy

I wanted to spruce up around the house since my spinning group is meeting here tomorrow and pillows are a fast and easy project
Now you could go through your fabric stash or you could go through your closet.
Here’s the back of the pillow

That’s right!! It looks like what was once the front of a button down linen shirt.
Now look at this pillow using the back of a linen shirt for the front if the pillow and the front of the shirt for the back of the pillow. Pocket and all!


I got the ideas for the pillow fronts from looking around Pinterest and I forgot to link the pins.

I made these pillow the other day to dress up an outside bench and it rained on them so they were sopping wet when i snapped this photo. Thankfully I stuff outside pillows with plastic bags. They’ll dry out fast!


3 responses

  1. I LOVE those pillows! Beautiful! You are so talented!! miss and love you!

  2. All the pillows are fab but if I had to choose a fav it would be the scrappy rooster!!! Love that pocket!!! And your practical, thrifty idea to use plastic bags for filler!!!

  3. janiceferguson84951994 | Reply

    You make the most wonderful things! Like Paulette, I love the scrappy rooster. But I also love the burlap one and its trim and the blue flower one and……all of them.

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