Making my own SAFF

South Eastern Fiber Festival is happening this weekend near Ashville NC. I was lucky enough to go last year and as I sit here at home this year I can still remember and enjoy all the colors, sights and smells!!
Since I was unable to go this year I still wanted the experience. Last year I didn’t take a class so this year I made up my own to learn and do here. We fiber people tend to have fabric, yarns and fiber goodies waiting to be used right at our fingertips or in my case, all over my studio space. So off I went!

Having some free time yesterday afternoon I pulled assorted blue, white and tan yarns to teach my self the linen stitch. I googled and searched and read and studied this simple but terrific knitted stitch to make a scarf. The stitch is created by knitting one stitch then slipping the next stitch with the yarn in front. There is no purling the knit and slip are then swapped for the next round.

I’m knitting mine in the round with a bunch of plain knitted stitches which will be cut and un-knit to make the fringe

Next try was the hand felting tools I have and hadn’t really tried yet.

I cut up an already felted sweater to make a pair of slippers


I cut the pieces of fabric and wanted to needle felt two layers for the bottoms and a binding around the opening. Hands down the simple needle felting tool by clover won!! The simplicity electric felted machine is a joke. Don’t waste your money if I had the receipt from all brands I would return it!! I really wonder if the makers even tried to use it or tested to see if it could even felt. Terrible! Anyway, I hand felted with the clover tool which really was amazingly fast and easy, then blanket stitched around the binding. I whipped stitched the layers together and since I cut them a size larger for my foot I am washing and drying them to shrink a bit more. Here they are pre-felted:

Next up a long walk then I might try my hands at warping my rigid heddle loom in a pattern. Or. I might try numo felting or. I have a quilt that needs to go in the antique frame for hand quilting or……..
Keep learning, we have so much at our access to do so. Have fun!!


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