A full moon and one thread

The blood moon is supposed to bring on imminent doom. I believe it!!! The other morning I saw the wretched red moon and thought cool, in hind sight I should have just gone back to bed!
In the studio one stray thread wrapped itself behind the race of the bobbin, here below is how I spent my day:



7 hours later, tears, laughter and then just letting it go until the next day, everything is in working order and back together.
So moral of the story, clean out your machines of lint and stray threads, and never do anything important on a blood moon !!!

To make up for the very-bad-no-good-day, I dyed up a batt of the left over Tunis from this past weekend. I used a food coloring idea and at first I wasn’t as thrilled as was expected to be.The colors mixed up too much…..I had picked okra and two small eggplants and the colors really were beautiful and I tried to create that. It didn’t work like I planned
But then I took it for a spin this morning and ohhhh I’m happy!!



So when a problem happens, give it time and work through it. What we say in our house, “work will win when worrying won’t!”


6 responses

  1. I don’t think it was the Blood Moon. I think it is Mercury Retrograde that messed you up. It tends to cause things to go awry.

    1. OH!! That explains it!!! LOL wretched mercury in retrograde then!!!

  2. How do you make dye from the okra? We still have okra coming at the end of the season and no one is excited about eating any more. I’d love to use it for dying! And eggplant, too!

    1. I’ve never used Okra… Avocados yes, but not okra… Hummmm I too have too much okra growing and I am banned from cooking anymore!!!

      1. I saw it in the picture and just thought…. How would you approach something like that?

  3. Terri…sorry to hear the thread demons wrecked havoc with your machine & took so much time away from your creative endeavors.

    Just love your gorgeous fibers & all that you put into them!!!

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