Indigo part 2


So yesterday I got brave and tried dying locks of Romney wool flleece.
I put about one pound of soaked cleaned raw locks in a plastic strainer type bucket and placed in my vat of indigo I regret to say I forgot to take a photo then. Indigo smells so bad I just forgot due to holding my breath.
I am so excited to see how it looks spun so I am spinning straight from the dried locks

As I progress more I will post more. Yay!!! I can’t even figure out how I got so many colors from all the same locks, same number of drippings in the vat, and basically the same in everything. I did not stir the vat or move any locks to be careful not to add oxygen to the vat so maybe the bottom locks took more indigo than the top layer of locks? Just a curious happening, but sorta cool!


One response

  1. Hi Terry! It looks like a lot of work but your wool is so beautiful. I just restarted my Make it Monday Party
    and would love for you to stop by and share your project. Hope to see there!

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