Scrappy yarn

Isn’t this a cool looking yarn. Ok, first you’ll need some left over yarns. I used ribbon, eyelash, and novelty yarns in bright bold colors.

I wound a ball of the mix-matched yarns by winding a little (say a yard or so) of one color, cut the yarn and tie on one or two yarns from another yarn and wind. Cut off at about a yard and then repeat in random fashion winding a colorful ball.

You could just use that yarn as is now to knit a fun scarf but I plyed that lovely yarn with a couple of solids to give it more substance.


I did this on my wheel, but you could just as easily taken the four yarns and tie them together and wound a ball. You wouldn’t have the added twist so you would have to watch when winding and using the yarn in a project for knotting.
I chose to weave it on my simple loom with the left over warp yarns from a previous project.


Now here’s the cool part. Maybe I have 2 hours in this project!
Have a great day!!


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  1. Scrappy yarn…you are so thrifty!!!

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