How to make a bow tie


Bow ties are way easier to make than a straight tie…however tying them is more the challenge. This little bow tie pattern is designed to tie once and forever!


The pattern is one simple boat oar shape. The stem is 1″ in width and the paddle or bow section for my ties are 2.5″in width. You can make that smaller for young boys and larger if you want for more of an effect.DSCF7798

I’m making my bow ties a two tone design out of seersucker blue and navy linen. You can make yours one color/fabric. I had just enough scrap fabric of both fabrics to make three ties. One tie was made to perfect my pattern.DSCF7799

I added a embroidered element of the SC State tree, Logo and flag to really “prep” this out. Cut the fusible interfacing to the size of the finished tie piece. Iron onto the backside of your fabric. Place two layers of fabric with the right sides together and the interfacing side up. Stitch around leaving the small end open to turn inside out. Here’s a hint which I did on the Navy linen sections. Stitch just a wee bit on the interfacing so that it doesn’t pull up like on the seersucker end (where I have the pins.) I can iron it back down, but I don’t want it pulling or wrinkling after the tie is finished so stitch it in enough places to hold it forever.

DSCF7801 Turn inside out and press liberally to perfection. Now… add three small half inch button holes to one end and find three matching buttons to add to the other end to make this adjustable. This is also how you put it on and take it off so you never have to tie it on someone. Especially helpfully little feature for fidgety little boys while trying to get the ready for church!!!

Here is my personal favorite video on tying a bow tie…. I can not tie with pictures or written directions… I need a visual.

Happy Bow tying




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  1. Terri, this is a fabulous tutorial! And just in time for Easter sewing. Thanks!

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