Project bag


I want to describe this little project knitting bag that I wear on my wrist to carry my yarn while I knit.


I went to The Sewing Basket meeting at our Local library which is held every Thursday from 11-1. The group of spinners came also. I had my project reticule bag and got to talking about it. I have several of these bags with projects in them ready to go. This is wonderful for sock knitting keeping together everything for one project, nice and neat. I have one bag in my car, one in my studio, one in my bedroom…. all with a  project and directions ready to be knitted!

This is a class I have taught a couple of times so I will post my directions so you can make the bag too. Click on the link below.

Project Reticule Bag

This is a perfect little project to use your scraps or re-purpose clothes. Be creative! Here is an old post I made on this project before a class I taught. :

I have tons of scraps left over from the little pockets I make for T-shirts (called Frockets fyi.) These strip are about 7″x .50″ so they are tiny strips usually with rough ripped edges.


I piled them up and then sorted them into a bit more organized manner.DSCF7657

I have leftover scraps of fabric  for the base to sew these tiny strips onto about 7″ x 12″ (you could use any size as a base.) Make it easy on yourself and don’t go too large with this, you can later sew these sections together to make a larger piece if needed. I’m just using what I have on hand that would normally get thrown away.


I just laid the strips of scraps right side up butted next to the next scrap and zig-zaged  They are too thin to make seams so the raw edges will have to show. I do overlap the edges just a hair.


I randomly put colors together, but you can be more selective. This will be the fabric to make my next bag.

Now back at the Sewing Basket….


It so happened (probably due to the artic freeze happening) that everyone was knitting or spinning and not sewing.DSCF7667

Oh yeah… eating too!

Come on by the Conway Library on Thursdays 11-1 if you’re in town!

Thanks Susan!


2 responses

  1. Thanks,Terri for the great pictures and write-up about the Sewing Basket. It’s a great place to get new ideas and meet new friends. Loved having the spinners join us.

  2. Terri…love , love, love your thrifty fabric making technique!!! If only I saved all those scraps I thought were too narrow to seam. I can think of so many small projects to use the fabric for. THANKS!!!

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