Homemade pasta

Homemade pasta is so much better than the store bought box varieties! Who knew?? My husband bought a second hand pasta machine for me and I’ve been playing with it since the new year.


Recipes are very simple too and YouTube has thousands of easy to follow videos. What sold me was with flour, eggs, water, olive oil, salt and cheese I made homemade ravioli that was so yummy and so inexpensive to make but it was like gourmet ravioli!!

Simple linguini noodles drying and made in under 30 minutes but the flavor from our eggs make them so tasty. If you want to try buy farm fresh free range eggs for real flavor!!


2 responses

  1. Never made pasta but your last pic reminds me of when my Nonna hung strands to dry on a broom handle propped between two wooden kitchen chairs! Mangia…

  2. I need to come home for dinner sometime… 😀

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