To make a snowman

20140118-170437.jpg. Even though its so cold we haven’t even had a flurry, so making a snow man this year will be with wool and needles! I took my inspiration from something I saw at a Christmas party this year.

I wanted a wine bottle topper I could use this time of year and a snowman fits the bill.
To knit your snowman it’s super simple and can be made in an evening. The fingering weight hand spun yarn I used for the snowman took more stitches than a worsted weight so adjust to fit your leftover yarns.
Cast in 26 stitches on dpns k2 p2 to create a ribbing for about 3 inches in the round. To make the head just knit in the round for about 1.5 inches. For the last row knit 2 together knit 1 then cut a longer tail. Thread a yarn needle and run through the live stitches to cinch tight to close the head.
To knit the hat I used Worcester weight so I needed less stitches I cast on 16 stitches on dpns and knit in the round to make a hat to fit about 1.5 inches tall, cinch to close like the head of the snowman.
To knit a little scarf cast on 40 stitches knit 2 rows, cast off add a little fringe to the ends.
To put it all together stuff the head with stuffing. Embroider eyes and mouth tighten the head with a bit of yarn wrapped around the “neck.” Dress and put on wine bottle.


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  1. CUTE!!!

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