Brrrr just keep on knitting!

IMG_0368[1]I know its so much I know it’s colder in other parts of the country, but here in the coastal south, when we get in the low teens it kinda stops us! The kids went back to school and it was a good thing because we lost power. So I started a fire and started knitting to keep warm. The basket of yarn is all my hand dyed and spun yarn. Since I don’t mass produce I really don’t make enough of one color to make an entire sweater, but I figured I mixed them all up and make a sweater to put all this yarn to use. I making this up as I knit so… it’s a learning process…


I like knitting with circular needles in the round and with as few seams to sew up when I’m finished. I started at the bottom hem and knitted the front sections and back in one piece. I am making this into a cardigan with the sleeves knitting on in a raglan fashion to eliminate sleeve seams.IMG_0372[1]

The chevron pattern is worked only at the bottom part of the cardigan. It is a 14 stitch pattern worked on every other row. It’s simple to memorize and to figure out measurements with whatever type of yarn you are using by knitting a swatch sample and measuring it to do the math so it fits you.  For your swatch cast on 28 stitches:

row 1 knit

row 2: Make 1 stitch (by knitting in the front and then back of the first stitch) knit 4, K2 together, PSSO, knit 4, make 1. repeat  If you don’t know was psso is here is a quick you tube link:

follow pattern for 4″. measure swatch.

I’m not finished with this yet and it’s at a weird stage to photograph so, when I get further up the neck I’ll post more pictures. The power is back on so… dinner is waiting!

Stay warm friends!



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  1. Love the colors.

  2. Are you at SATB this week?

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