Holiday Dress

DSCF7628We are invited to a fancy Christmas party next weekend… Oh dear, what’s a girl to wear????? I found this past spring the pink shift dress at my favorite place (goodwill) and even more favorite price tag ($5.) It’s so simple and fits me comfortably.

Hunting in my stash (collection of fabrics) I found a remnant of the beaded piece of fabric.DSCF7629I could cut the front in one piece, but the back I had to patch and piece together.  Since the background of the lace was sort of random it was easier than I thought…. well…. minus the beads which was tricking maneuvering around. The best way was to drop the feed dogs on the machine and free-motion zigzag random shapes and sizes together to create enough fabric to cover the back pieces. Look around the back arms-eye. If you look closely you can find the  seams… BUT if anyone is looking that closely at the seams on my dress… it’s a dark evening party!

The pink dress was so easy to copy too! 2 main pieces: Front and back. I laid the dress flat on my table and traced around it. I like the shoulder seams and  simple neck. This simple design works great with the fancy beaded fabric and since it have very few seams I only went through a pack of needles!

I made a full lining out of a yard of a worsted wool black. I created a 2 piece bodice lining out of a cotton sateen. I’m not a fan of separate neck and arms-eye facings. Check this out here from an earlier post I did on facings:

One tip wear safety glasses due to possible flying beads!


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