New spinning and simple rolled brim hat pattern to knit

I bought a raw fleece at SAFF. It is a Icelandic wool in a grey-ish color. It was different and I liked it.DSCF7603In the bag (kept tightly closed) to keep the smell in…pee-u!DSCF7604Look at all the surprising colors, from black to almost white! I was excited to start to work with this to see what I would get. I started by scouring the wool, which is a fancy way to say I’ve cleaned it without felting it.  I let it dry, then combed it out, sort of like combing your hair after washing it to straighten it all out…. Here are some of my results:DSCF7601This was a first spin, then I got to thinking about over dying to see what I would get…. DSCF7600I tried a green and then a purple. The purple dye split and parts of the batt came out blue and others a red. These are not spun yet, they are combed out into “batts” and ready to spin.DSCF7602This is my drum carder and one way I comb out the wool to get it ready to spin. Look at the more red color… DSCF7620This is a roll-brim hat I’m knitting now with the natural colored handspun yarn.

To knit this simple hat I cast on 80 stitches on a circular needle and knit…. when it is almost the size (length) you need to fit (go ahead and try it on!) knit one stitch, knit two together for one round. Knit a couple extra rows. Cut a long length of the yarn and thread a darning needle with the cut end.  Run the darning needle through all the live stitches while taking them off the needle. Pull tight and voila … a hat!

In the picture above I just did the knit one, knit two stitches together round. That reduces the width so that when I pull the yarn through the live stitches to cinch  the hat closed it isn’t so bulky.


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