My tool of choice, the sewing machine!

I live a thrifty lifestyle. I’m tight, not cheap and there’s a difference but that’s a story for another day. I play this shopping game with myself….. when I go to goodwill I try to make/find an entire outfit under $20.00.  Naturally sometimes that super easy like a summer sundress with a light sweater and sandals, but winter items….it gets trickier with more layers! No matter what, if it weren’t for the fact that I know I have my sewing machine at home to take in, up or tailor fit the item better this would be so much harder.

Case in point: Today I had a little outing to goodwill. 
I found these great Hudson black jeans and they are too long… Then I found this perfect little j jill shell top which needs a tad taken in at the sides.DSCF7606To go with the pants and top I found a great cashmere red sweater by Ann Taylor and a fun scarf by Vera Bradley which I cut and hemmed in half width-wise because it added too much bulk where I don’t need it. Yes, I think I like the white ruffly edges peeking out at the hem.DSCF7607Then… for a change-up I found a Pierre Cardin white simple plain knitted top and this Jones of New York coat. The coat is a 12 petite, which is too big for me. It  is cut and made with princess lines so it will be a small tailoring job and I will have a nice wool blend coat.DSCF7609Turn the coat inside out and usually in the sleeve somewhere there is an opening seam. Rip the stitching and this opens th ehole where you can turn the coast inside out to do the alteration.DSCF7611My focus is the princess line seam running from the arms eye to the hem and the side seam. I will split the difference to take in between the two seams. I will have to rip a portion of the sleeve to get to the seams. I’ll have to match that amount removed on body of the coat on the sleeve seam also. I only want to take the top section of the coat in so I won’t have to bother anything from the waist down. Don’t cut away any of the fabric just clip and press flat. Sew the sleeve back on and do the same to the other side. Turn back inside out and sew up the opening.

To be honest to hem the pants, hem the scarf and take in the coat (all used black thread) was faster than writing this post!! What would I do without a sewing machine????

My total was $21.00 and some change. BUT>>> I got something that wasn’t part of the ensemble. My next project:DSCF7612Look at the label… I found this sweater and the yarn is fabulous….a perfecting hand knitting weight…..DSCF7613Look at all the cashmere yarn I’m going to have once I UN-Knit this. It’s perfect and smells like cedar…  I’m just in heaven dreaming of all the wonderful hours I get to enjoy using this yarn!!!



2 responses

  1. Oh my…what wonderful finds. Nothing like that in Goodwills here!!!

    BTW: Mabelle (MIL Mabs) would say “I’m not cheap, I’m frugal…”

  2. You are AMAZING!!! This is a fabulous post and a gorgeous outfit whose price no one would ever guess. You are my hero (ine)!

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