Felted slippers

I like this pattern by Fiber trends for making felted slippers.DSCF7577

It is an easy pattern and very forgiving of any mistakes because you felt the whole clog after you knit it and it ‘hides’ any boo-boos. The part that makes it hard is the blue paper with black lettering. I solved this by going to the library and enlarging and re-printing it.DSCF7578It’s still dark, but I can read this much easier and use a yellow sticky notes to follow the pattern. The pattern looks harder than it really is, and it knits up quickly. DSCF7579This is one slipper before it’s felted.

I also have something else I have changed. I knit all four bottom/ soles at the beginning. When it comes to knitting the upper part of the clog I put two soles together then and not at the end of the project.  This is faster than picking up stitches and then casting off stitches, at least for me. I also think it’s subconscious but if the soles are finished first then the upper parts go together so fast that I think I finish the project faster on the whole.

 I felted the slipper by using an old washboard and using hot water and soap I ‘washed the slippers soapy. Then rinsed them in cold water to really shock the fibers. I then wrung them out and threw them in the dryer for one cycle.

DSCF7583When they come out of the dryer they are still wet and  basically one messed up ball. So you have to shape them and let them continue to dry naturally…. so… here they are drying!

These are a great project for gift giving: they knit up fairly quickly, you can use up odd balls of wool yarn and make a very colorful pairs, and the finished slipper is thick and warm which hold up terrifically during the winter. There are directions for adding a leather sole, I’ve never made a pair with the leather soles, but I’m sure that would be a nice finish.

Give them a try….



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