Fall gardening and cashmere pumpkin

I Love Fall Gardening better than any other time of the year!!!DSCF7574Look at these turnips!

I’m not really a fan of turnip greens, and maybe it’s because I haven’t figured out how to cook them. I love collard greens, not turnip greens….ew…. but a turnip though… yummy! I make them sort of like a mashed potato with butter and Parmesan cheese!!!


My herbs even take off during the fall!


DSCF7568I like all sorts of lettuces….DSCF7570Fall decorating is also fun.DSCF7572DH and I saved these metal framed chairs from going to the dump. They were white and rust…  and he wired brushed them and then primed them this brownish color. I left it the the primer color for now and made these slip cover cushions in a fallish fabric along some decorative pillows… my favorite is the pumpkin made from a recycled and felted cashmere sweater.DSCF7573I usually stuff my outside pillows with plastic grocery bags so nothing on the insides mold…. We have high humidity year round… my poor hair!

This pumpkin pillow is a cashmere turtleneck sweater I bought at Goodwill. It had a few holes so I washed and felted it. I made a rough shape of a pumpkin and  seamed the sides together cutting of the the sleeves. Then basically sewed the top together and hand stitched a roll of brown felt to make the stem. DSCF7575I had a piece of green felt that I randomly cut a leaf shape and stitched that on the stem.DSCF7576Then I stuffed the pillow/pumpkin and whip-stitched it closed. Super simple and I get so many comments on that pillow. I like to keep my fall decoration up through the Thanksgiving holiday. I do not start with Christmas until Decemeber! I like fall!


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