Life goes on!

I haven’t forgotten my blog… I just have be thankfully very busy with my sewing work that I have had to let my blog take a back seat for a little bit. My sewing helps to pay our bills.

Frocket/pockets have taken off and boxes upon boxes have come through my sewing studio.

The fun stuff I’ve worked on, which I always make time for, have been in the line of re purpose and updating existing garments and spinning. In fact my DH and I went to SAFF near Hendersonville, NC last weekend. SAFF is Southeastern Animal and Fiber Festival. OH MY GOODNESS…. it was awesome! I was overwhelmed at the ….. I can’t find the large enough word to describe the event.

DSCN3403I am learning to spin on this great invention called the spinolyn. Usually a drop whorl or spindle I get all messed up and make a mess. With this neat invention you can sit and spin and have terrific results. DSCN3404This is Susan from Bella Luna Fibers… She sells her lovely soft Finn (type of sheep) fleece in all sorts of lovely colors . You can also see past her booth and see all the other vendors on two levels. Oh and did I mention this is one of 5 barns!!! My dear Husband was my pack mule for the day,carrying all my purchases. I could have stayed the weekend and next year I might. I didn’t take any  of the workshops… but that is a must do in the future!

DSCN3417DH was also the camera man and these are what caught his eye!



DSCN3414These are silk cocoons.DSCN3405The most beautiful organic locally grown and processed cotton.

DSCN3423It was an animal festival and they sold my heart. Do you know that Mama Alpacas hum to their babies?? It was so sweet!DSCN3425DSCN3428I was forbidden to buy an animal! There was this sweet angora rabbit that even my Husband was taken with… but we said “no!” The rest of our weekend was in apple orchards and vineyards. North Carolina in the mountains is just wonderful!

  • DSCN3440DSCN3441We have as many pictures of barns as we do of anything else. One of these days you will be reading about a barn raising!!DSCF7555
  • Thank you for checking in on me, and I’ll post more often with projects. I’m mainly working on Christmas gift which I can’t post about now, but here’s a few sneak peaks….DSCF7484DSCF7565Happy Fall Ya’ll!

5 responses

  1. What beautiful fibers and stuff you saw. It looks like a well deserved getaway for you. Soooo glad you are back and that you all are happily Click’in along.

  2. To anyone who reads these comments…Terri (Teresa) is my sister. I am so proud of her!!! I live in Colorado and miss her and my other 3 sisters so much. Oh crap! Now my eyes are all teary and I can barely see the keyboard.
    Anyway~ to know “Terri” is to love her….plain and simple.
    (By the way Teresa~ you look sooo cute and skinny. )
    love you!

  3. yes – I have to agree to know Terri is to love her! And I barely know her!! But OOOOMG!!! I want to go to that festival!! And FEEEEL all those fibers – is it an annual event?? (hope-hope) How do I find out about it next year so I don’t miss it???!!

    1. SAFF is an annual event and this past year it was it’s 20th year. Here is the link: Next year it’s the 24th-26th, classes start the 23rd and it is awesome!!!

  4. Y’all have been busy!!! SAFF event looks like sooooo much fun. Envious of your garden…love the “VICTORY” bunting. Thanks for the update!

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