re-purposed pillow with knitted trim

DSCF7422I made this pillow from leftover scraps from an alteration job I do for a restaurant. DSCF7424I cut out basically 7″ from the sleeves to shorten the arms length on Chef coat. This is what is left over, and I can never bring myself to throw these scrap out. I am always looking for ways to repurpose them. Here’s one way…..

I cut 5″ squares and then pieced them together to make a base fabric about 15″x 30″. I re-sized and reworked  a purchased embroidery design and embroidered them randomly to cover the fabric with flowers. I wanted  a 12″ pillow so I cut the top and back about 13″ square. I also wanted to trim it out but, nothing matched or was the right color…….. but I have yarn!!! DSCF7425I found a lovely Rowan Cotton tape in this lovely sea foam green. It was one lone ball waiting in my stash for it’s day to be used!! I knitted this trim as follows:

no real gauge here so anything goes. I used size 9 needles.

cast on 3

row 1 knit 2  wrap yarn 3 time around needle (3-yarn overs) knit last stitch.

row 2 purl 1 slip off three yarn overs purl remaining 2

repeat until the length you need.

This made a fun loopy trim just right to frame my new pillow.DSCF7427



2 responses

  1. Terri, this is soooooo cool! I am a fanatic for finding just the right color trim and this is a perfect solution! Thanks for including your instructions. It would take me a lot of fiddling to get it just right as yours is. Love this!

  2. This pillow is just beautiful…you are amazing!!!

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