French Flea Market 2013

DSCF7345I was lucky enough to go again this year…. and a fun time was had by ALL!!DSCF7185Our first stop always is to make our FFM tag and it went along with the chalkboard theme. Naturally goodies were purchased for my sister’s stash…. (I’m not mentioning my stash/collection of ribbons LOL)DSCF7346

The show had more flora and fauna this year… but considering the drought last year celebrating greenery was in order!





Look at this!!!!

DSCF7200I do not know what this is… but I love it… I want to store threads or yarn all around it… It’s so cool….. But it was sold before I saw it…rats.

I love how people see things and then reuse it all. Wood pallets were a big ‘remake’ and I saw one I really liked….DSCF7203 DSCF7202They made the pallets into a towel rack with hooks then a ‘cubby’ above the hooks to hold the rolled up towels or what nots. It would look great in a bathroom… oh… front door for coats and the cubby for hats etc….  It did not come home with me… I didn’t think it would fit under the seat or in the overhead compartments….LOL

DSCF7198Fountains….. gardening was really in this year!!!DSCF7217Funky Fashions… and kinda retro too….DSCF7210 Family…. 🙂DSCF7205Fun day and great memories!





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  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Love the family pic…you girls definitely know how to have fun!!! I think the metal rack is a wine bottle tree. Oh how I’d love one for colorful bottles in the woods or one of the gardens!!! Artisans along our wine trail make them but a vintage one would be awesome!!!

    1. Now, around this area they are called bottle trees. Long ago the tress near the well had bottles for drinking.The branches were stripped so the bottles could drain out up-side down and be there for drinking from the well…. or so I am told. An old Gullah story. But this rack is something different…. something used in production in some fashion… I just don’t know what.

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