Lavender Wands

DSCF7315I was away in Indiana visiting my parents, and lavender is everywhere!! The smell is awesome and the plants look beautiful in gardens with it’s lovely light green color and touch of lavender. I always grab a hand full to put in my suitcase home, but this year I saw something at the French flea Market (more on that later) and I had to figure out how to make a Lavender Wand.DSCF7337This is a Lavender wand.

Start with clipping long lavender stems.DSCF7324Gather them in a nice bundle and tie a yard of ribbon near the bottom of the flowers.DSCF7325Fold the tops of the flowers down and pull the ribbon up so you can start weaving.DSCF7326Weave the ribbon over-under all the way around to keep the lavender inside the ribbon pod. Not too tight… don’t crush the flowers!DSCF7327I’m not so good with close-up shots with one hand…. but you get the idea….DSCF7328Here’s a close up of Mom making one… over/ under … all the way around….DSCF7314

Once made you can store in a drawer to keep things smelling nice…. give it a gentle squeeze to release the smells.

I came home all excited to clip my lavender….. ugh….. two weeks away from home and it died…..


2 responses

  1. What a great idea, Terri! I love your wand. I also love lavender and have just two plants. In my area, the English lavender cannot make it through the hot summers and English is what most of the garden centers carry. The French holds up well, but I have to drive almost an hour to a nursery to get it. It would be worth it to have enough to make these wands. You are sooooo clever!

  2. I will give you a few sprigs. I have one plant. Will youmake me one also?

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