Solar Sun Oven

DSCF7153I’ve been slammed with work…. the kind I haven’t even been able to leave my sewing room to do anything else. ugh!

We still have to eat… I’m not a big fan of take out food either. I solved my situation, right outside my sewing room door I placed a solar cooker.  I gave this oven to my DH for Christmas. We had a deal to not spend on each other, I happened upon this oven in it’s original box and two black pots with lids at a thrift/resale store  for … $10.00! Score. However it didn’t work so great this winter and it was relegated to the basement until we topped th e90 degree mark and I dragged it out.DSCF7154I cooked this lovely loaf of banana, almond, cranberry, with a sprinkle of chocolate chips this morning. I could keep a check on it while it was cooking in between madly monogramming.

DSCF7152To cook in a solar oven it’s very similar to regular indoors oven. My oven cooked this loaf of bread at about 250-300 degrees in about 1-2 hours, and it smelled divine on my porch!

DSCF7155This is the loaf cut in-half and ready to give to a neighbor….DSCF7156topped with a lovely bunch of fresh basil. This was a thank you for their homemade pickles…. OH YUMMY!!

I’ve been able to cook, a turkey tenderloin,  roasted veggies to a crisp perfection  and several loaves of different breads. I’ve haven’t had to do anything inconvenient like time the sun or really watch the temperature  gauge too much.  I do have to move it during the day periodically to keep it facing the sun. I can only cook however in a black pot with a lid (also black) to retain the heat inside the box. That is the only bummer because I have round bread instead of a loaf shape.

I save considerably by not heating the house up in these 90 degree days, and by harnessing the suns power to cook for us. The best part for me is that I don’t have to run in and out of the house all day to make a meal. I just walk out my sewing room door. Plus the smell is awesome!

So… or rather sew, back to work…

Happy Fathers day!

I Love you Dad and I’ll see you soon XO


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  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Awesome!!! Wouldn’t work here in WNY…too cool, cloudy, rainy this summer.

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