Iron tips

I Iron a lot!

DSCF7110I know… gross!!

Here’s a tip I’ve been doing for a long time to keep my irons clean and working properly.

DSCF7113First off I take off my ironing board cover to wash it, and stored in the cross hairs of the legs of my ironing board I keep this roll of old towels.

DSCF7112The one in the center is the one I squirt a glob of the iron cleaner stuff. I use the cheapest type made by Faultless and is found in walmart for about $3.

I  clean my iron as per instructions then just roll up the towels and store. In between ironing project I can simply un- roll the towels and run my iron over the towel without adding more cleaner. This lasts for a long time, in fact I’ve had this old towel for several years and the goo cleaner never really goes away. It’s super handy when ironing lots of whites with starch. A simple wipe cleans the residue without a lot of  excess to clean up afterwards. Wiping down your iron after a lot of use before it cools keeps it ready for when you do need it again for the next ironing.DSCF7115

I also change my ironing board cover to avoid staining of clothes while ironing them.

I make my covers as described in this past post:

DSCF7116The last thing I do is iron over a polishing cloth. When I got my first rowenta iron (years ago,) it came with a cleaning kit. Basically it was a a washcloth, cleaning goo like the faultless product and then this polishing cloth. I liken it to a silver polishing cloth. Run the iron over it  a couple of times after the cleaning process and you’ll see a nice shine return to the soleplate of your iron.


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