Why we sew…

I was catching up on my friends blogs. Janice at:  http://www.janicefergusonsews.com/blog/2013/06/01/just-one-more-reason/#more-26680 wrote a lovely blog post. Her blog choked me up and I wanted to respond.

I sew for many reasons, love of the craft, thrift, fun, necessity, work and love of my family. There is a book called the Five Love languages by Gary Chapman, that my SIL gave to us several years ago.  The books explains five areas of how people communicate Love. There is a test at the end to help you understand how the ones you love express love.  Saying nice things, doing nice things, touch, giving gifts and spending time on the other are ways we express our love.  Sewing is how I show my love to my family. I express myself through my craft.

When I sew an outfit for one of my children I sew a prayer in the seams… I envision them already wearing the outfit and being wrapped in Love. I knit shawls to wrap hugs around my sisters, and sock and slippers to keep feet warm and remind the person wearing the item that they are loved.

I am asked more than I think I like… especially now that I am spinning my own yarn from sheep’s fleece to shawl… “why are you doing that? You can just buy a pashmina…” Now, I love pashmina wraps  but that’s not the point…. I do because I love the ones I am giving it to.

Sewing also connects us. I have found a wonderful community of friends who share their passion and encourage others to do the same. Through my blog I have re-connected to and stayed connected to friends I would not have had the chance due to time or distance.

Why do you sew?  I bet it’s one of your Love Languages….


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  1. Beautifully said. Your work shows great love.

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