DIY skirting table and sweater dryer

I needed a skirting table to sort my fleece and I also need a larger space to wash and dry my winter sweaters to put them away for the summer season. SO I came up with this idea using:

  1. portable drying rack
  2. 3″ strips of scrap fabric
  3. assorted velcro lengths
  4. netting or mesh piece

DSCF7070This is my drying rack. Measure the top width and length when opened up all the way.

DSCF7071Cut a piece of mesh or whatever fabric you have to use as the netting to the above size.

DSCF7072Sew strips of velco to a 3″ wide piece of fabric.

DSCF7073Sew that strip to the ends of the mesh along one edge. then flip the mesh and sew the other strip to the opposite end.DSCF7074Wrap and velcro around the last two bars of the drying rack.

DSCF7075Start sorting your wool…. Now, I have a smaller mesh more like a fabric screening and I want to make the exact same thing for drying my sweaters. ( I don’t want to put clean sweaters to dry on un-cleaned fleece ….) 🙂




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