Alter Linens and Banner

Someone once told me how busy the month of May was, in fact she likened it to the Christmas Season. I was a young mother of two small children then and I couldn’t understand what she was talking about. I know now!!!! May is a busy busy month, and I totally agree!

I have been sewing all sorts of wonderful things,  gardening, filling orders and spinning, but not blogging and  I will try to catch up.

The first series of projects I’ve been working on is new Alter linens and Banner for our Church.

DSCF7024I did not take a photo of the linens on the Alter, but I did snap a photo pf them before they left. I don’t have access to a fabulous sewing store chain…. I have to make do with what I have. The base fabric is a hand-me-down Damascus duvet cover, the trim is a rayon velvet strip of fabric 5″ and trimmed on either side with white gimp. I embroidered crosses in the center of the rayon. I also embroidered ‘ihs’ with a totally cool font named kingslsland. The banner will be new this week for Confirmation.  New week starts Pentecost season and the white linens will be put away and the red will come out. The banner is all seasons.DSCF7067 I strip piece the 4 sections to radiate from the center out. The fabric strips are random sizes and fabrics of white to off white with hints of gold.  I appliqued the cross and decorative vines to green leaves then the blooming lily is 3-D. There will be a proper stand and holder….now the broom handle.DSCF7068

DSCF7069Oopps I see two threads now….

I also have been enjoying the roses in my yard….DSCF7041I have vases inside the house and in my studio and they are the old variety so they have a wonderful scent.

DSCF7040I also am trying my hand at potted calla lilies…. I’m so loving my flowers.

If I am going to mention my flowers I have to mention my yummy garden. Mostly lettuces and herbs are what I am getting so far, but last night I picked my first zucchini!DSCF7044 DSCF7043


2 responses

  1. The church linens are just gorgeous. Radiating stripes and texture-like cross on the banner are just awesome. The repurposed fabric for the altar cloth looks perfect with the cross and embellishments. After all that, there is a GARDEN???? I find myself reading your posts in a hurry because there is just sooo much you have done! You do more in a day than I accomplish in a week! Keep up the great work!

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Beautiful altar dressings!!! Just planted a gorgeous purple calla lily in the yard that a friend sent at Easter. Have luck with florist plants blooming a year or two…

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