Easter Egg Dye

I have this lovely Lovely Shetland  fleece…..DSCF7017I’ve got this much carded and prepped for spinning…..DSCF7018and I am so excited to start spinning…. but I do have  A Lot of fleece to go…. so I tried easter egg dying.DSCF7015I started with adding water and vinegar to glass jars with matching lids.  I added the tablet of dye and waited until it dissolved. Then I stuffed the jar with fleece until full.DSCF7014Then I microwaved the jars without the lids for 2 minutes. I let it cool for a couple hours, then microwaved it again and let it cool even longer. I am actually using these warm jars to keep an abandoned doves nest with 6 eggs warm so they will hopefully hatch.DSCF7020 DSCF7019I have it incubating in my oven….. so I’m working around that for dinners…. crock pots, grills… it’s all for the cause!

Back to easter egg dyes:DSCF7012Look at these vibrant colors!!!

When I pour the liquid out the dye is complete absorbed by the fleece and it rinses absolutely clean!

I can’t wait to card all these colors!

Oh did you notice the odd ball pieces of cast off wool around the baby birds nest…. nothing goes to waste around here!



One response

  1. janiceferguson84951994 | Reply

    Easter egg dye??? Where do you get these ideas? The colors are just beautiful! Now I can’t wait to see how it spins up and to see what you do with the yarn.

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