New fleece

I have some awesome friends! They are enablers … they enable me to continue with my fiber additions. When I don’t post in awhile… they check up on me and when they go away , they come back with presents. They support me in helping me researching new ideas and projects… pass along information and links and basically hook me up with my suppliers!!! I am so lucky to have you all!!


  1. DSCF6983


I was given 2 beautiful fleeces as a present. The top on is a Romney wool and the bottom is a beautiful Shetland. I was so excited to receive these…. it was better than Christmas morning for me…. and to think my DH thinks I am hard to buy a present for…. Raw, kinda stinky and dirty wool thrills me… I mean I think anything goes after that!!!  I cleaned both and stared carding into batts. The shetland is sooooo dreamy and long. I’m having to learn a different way to prepare it to spin.DSCF6998

I can’t wait until I can spin these!! BUT..I have all of these orders….DSCF6985 DSCF6984And we are trying to clear the bank and somehow get a dock and path down to the river so the kids can enjoy the river this summer… It’s always something!

  • DSCF7004
  • DSCF7002


I’ve been picking out dogwoods and clearing around them so my DH can save them and cut back everything else. There was two years growth covering the ground and it was and is hard work. SO… do you have a thoughts on a walkway to the river idea? The dock is actually built and waiting to go into the water…. fingers crossed it’s this weekend. SO those fleeces may have to wait…



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  1. Wow! What a lot of excitement. I understand the conflict of what to do–the fleece calls but so does the river path. How lucky you are to have such wonderful torment! P.S. Better do the path.

  2. Always too much to do at one time!!!

  3. Paulette Miller | Reply

    You are amazing!!! Glad to see you’re getting lots of custom orders. Please send some of that rain down here…
    New area of shops, galleries, café near downtown Sarasota has monthly open house with lots of treats & entertainment under the banyan trees. Few consigners set up in a tent. Handpainted, recycled tees/tanks caught my eye. Artist scours thrift shops for gently used solid color 100% cotton tops to embellish with her lovely flower & leaf motifs. She was selling out her inventory before heading North for $10 each. But didn’t have many after a recent Earth Day Festival where she got $18. You thrifty women are so talented!!!

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