A Bow Clutch

This is a very special piece of Fabric a Friend asked me to use to make her some type of bag.

This fabric was handwoven in the Isle Of  Harris, Scotland and is a true Harris tweed.

Cutting this beauty took courage! After a few emails back and forth we came up with an idea and this was the result:DSCF6970

This is the back of the Clutch with an added slip pocket, and monogrammed for identification. I like the back to be a special as the front!DSCF6971I couldn’t resist the inside  either … When the flap is opened the handwoven and Harris Tweed labels will show…

We looked at photos of different Clutches and envelop style bags and I drafted a pattern for this fabric and bag. If you are interested in a bow Clutch I happened to find a wonderful DIY tutorial for a similar clutch using a zipper here:  http://www.elmstreetlife.com/2012/02/diy-bow-clutch-sewing-tutorial.html

Happy Sewing!


3 responses

  1. I’ve had this tweed, purchased directly from its weaver, since 2005. I couldn’t ever get the nerve up to cut it myself. I’m so blessed to have such a caring, talented friend whom I could entrust with its transformation. And transform it she did! Thank you for creating something so fabulous!

  2. I want one !!!!

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