Catching up

I have been so busy with orders from all my shops! Woo-hoo! This has been one of the busiest springs in a long time so I am thankful for the work. One of the shops I monogram for is a Coastal Greek. Last fall we started adding pockets to t-shirts and monogramming them…. It’s taken off and I have buckets of T-shirts to add pockets too, however the orders come it.

DSCF6870I end up with a sliver of scrap to cut off on either side of the pocket.DSCF6869I have shown this before, but this is a close up of the scrap pile from one order.DSCF6872

I zig-zag the ends together to make one long strip. Wind it on one spool and spin it to make another ball of yarn….DSCF6873When I have enough I am going to crochet a large kitchen rug. Speaking of spinning…. I am learning so much in the evenings to wind down from all of my sewing.DSCF6864

This is a pile of merino wool, on the right is washed on the left it is carded and ready to spin. It is so soft! DSCF6861Here is a fun spin that I later decided I didn’t like in two colors so I dyed the whole skein blue to make this lovely batch two spools full!DSCF6874 That was a medium grade wool, then with a fine grade I spun this lovely yarn.DSCF6863Now, just so you think I’m not knitting any of this… I will, but on my needles at the moment is a terrific summer sweater that is in the current issue of Creative Knitting magazine called the great open wide carefree cover up.DSCF6865Here are the sleeves in process. For some reason I don’t like knitting sleeves, so I find if I start with the sleeves on separate needles I finish the sweater, because I like knitting the back and front pieces. Another funny thing is that I don’t like sewing the sweater together and I hate swatching! I like blocking the sweater, I think that is one of my favorite parts. I don’t know why?

Alexander Wang Spring 2013 RTW Spliced Cut-Out Skirt Photograph

As sewing>>> I want to mimic the look of this terrific skirt, for my body  the peek-a-boo parts need to start where this one ends. I have another fun skirt for my dd in mind and I will have sewing photos later.

Today it’s all about gardening:

I have potato’s  onions and peas planted and we are working on the fence around the garden and I will have (hopefully) wonderful completed fence photos today. We are also digging up so scraggly azaleas and re-planting raspberry and  blueberry bushes! I will have my own berry patch!!! so off to work and digging I go!


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  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Terri, if I still had a retail shop I’d carry your awesome items too!!! Love the yarns you are spinning; especially the fabric strips for rugs. Hope you can take time off to have a wonderful Easter Sunday with the family!!! xoxoxo

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