Pink angora Sweater

DSCF6837I knitted the sweater over a year ago and the bottom hem was a basketweave pattern. I hated it! It made me look fat! Ew.. so it sat folded in my drawer. Who keeps an angora hand knit sweater stuffed in a drawer? So I ripped it apart from the bottom up. Thankfully I knitted this sweater from the top down so it was fairly easy once I got it started. Another plus was that I knitted it in the round.

DSCF6836I saw this lace pattern at: on the feather lace Cowl patern by Ewelina Murah. It was a simple and clearly written pattern and I was able to knit it up over a couple of evenings. Now, I am happy! I love the smoother lace finish and hopefully it looks better on me. I can’t wait to wear it now!

A few other items I have been working on:

DSCF6835A pair of high-waisted jean shorts, dressed up and remade from a pair of goodwill long jeans. Girls like the added lace detail …

DSCF6840A single ply from the chevoit white wool fleece that I cleaned, and dyed.

DSCF6839Slivers and scraps of fabric sewn together in a long…long strip, then wrapped onto an old bobbin and ready to corespin into another novelty scrap yarn. I sort of just like it as it is… isn’t it pretty!

DSCF6828and the girls… just for fun!!!

Have a great weekend!


One response

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Can’t wait to see how you spin & use the bobbin of scrap fabrics!!!

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