Ashford Kiwi 2

DSCF6807I am very proud of the spinning wheel we made, however… my carpenter skills were a bit off. To make another wheel that works better wasn’t something I wanted to do. I learned a lot on that wheel and I knew I wanted a flyer with a bobbin instead of the spindle wheel.  After a lot of research and reading I purchased this Ashford Kiwi 2. I really want to paint the wheel a glossy blue…. but I just waxed finished the wood with my Beeswax finish to protect it. I’ll paint it later, I was itching to start spinning.

DSCF6810My Flyer has the sliding hooks to wind the yarn more evenly and smoothly. The yarn on this bobbin is from my first sheep’s fleece undyed. I have to tell you at first I had trouble with the (over spun) yarn twisting around the guides and thus causing the yarn to jam and not feed on the bobbin then causing more over spun yarn. It took me awhile to get a rhythm and turning the guides away from the bobbin and that problem solved. As far as directions and putting the wheel together it couldn’t be more clear or easy. The wheel worked perfectly first try, my problem was me. I treadle too fast… imagine that…. me wanting something FAST?????

I ordered my wheel off ebay from The Copper Moose and it came with extras for spinning. The first bag of top roving I already spun to get the feel of the wheel and here it is…

DSCF6812 I have a few thick/thin areas, but this was the first yarn I spun out of the box. I made the yarn with the sheeps fleece after I spun this for practice. Top roving all prepared and combed and perfect is a DREAM to spin . The Nitty-Noddy by ashford also came with the spinning wheel as part of the extras. A Nitty-Noddy is the wooden thing the yarn is wound on to make a skein. I have a project in mind for this yummy yarn as soon as the needles I have to use finish up another project.

The Ashford Kiwi 2 wheel is so smooth, quiet and a pleasure to spin. The yarn feeds evenly (when I remember to give it up) and I can see that I won’t out grow this wheel for a long time. I would suggest if you are interested in buying this wheel, look to see if you could buy it with the Jumbo flyer and orifice.  This will give you more options for spinning, from thin, to a thicker art yarn. The biggest plus would be having the largest bobbins possible. I will say that the bobbins that came with mine, which are the 3 1/2″ spool for sliding hooks hold more than the original kiwi bobbins. The only thing I have purchased for this was 3 extra bobbins.

I was so excited to get the wheel put together I didn’t paint my wheel when it was off the wheel. I did finish it so it would be protected, but I wish I didn’t have to take it apart so I could paint it a pretty glossy blue. It might be a long time before I take it apart to paint. I like everything else natural so… I will enjoy it as it is.




4 responses

  1. LOVE the Kiwi – but then I loved your DIY wheel, too! Ok – so do you have room for sheep at the river house?!!

    1. LOL… well….. not yet…. SHHHHH don’t say anything to my DH

  2. Lindsay Parker | Reply

    What type of Beeswax finish did you apply? I also have recently purchased an Ashford Kiwi 2 spinning wheel and I love it but I need to put some sort of finish on it.

  3. I wonder what it is with blue Kiwi wheels? The first one I saw was blue and I have painted my new Kiwi 2 blue!

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