More Spinning

Ok.. Look at this yarn… Can you guess what it is???DSCF6802

Isn’t is beautiful… and so soft

Can you guess?

It’s from an all white Persian cat. Yep.. My DH brought it home from work. Now, let me quick explain he runs and owns his families boarding kennel.  The groomer was working on this beautiful cat and he brought home the fur and asked, “Can you spin this?” I thought why not, I spin sheep… This cat was super clean but the hair was mattted a bit and combing it was not working, so I just spun it… Lumps and all.

DSCF6803This wild yarn is composed of all sorts of recycled boo-boo’s from learning attempts. There is even, my dogs hair spun in. Now, Lilly was just bathed and her winter coat is so soft and full it’s like an alpaca so it’s not gross either. I’m planning on winding pretty balls of my first attempts of spinning and use them like decorator balls in a wooden basket I have. It’ll be like a yarn ball centerpiece.



3 responses

  1. Cat fur, to make kitten britches.

  2. Years ago I worked with a girl who’s main business was ‘farming’ – she and her partner were raising Angora Rabbits, harvesting the fur and spinning it then knitting and weaving it into garments to sell. Angora Rabbits – Persian cats – – – not much difference!

  3. here kitty kitty kitty…. The shaw that comes when its called!!

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