Quilt Gala 2013

DSCF6773I talked from 9:30 until 4:00 !!

DSCF6775I sewed too!DSCF6776I demonstrated making string quilt blocks for a quilt top that I’ll use to to demonstrate how to quilt to children.

DSCF6784I used my 1905 Lotus / refurbished treadle. See the pictures on the table? here they are:DSCF6792 DSCF6791 DSCF6790

This treadle machine was my DH grandmother Eula from Texas. It was long forgotten and wasn’t cared for in years. The cabinet rotted away and this was all that was left of the machine. It was so rusty it couldn’t even move when I tried to turn the hand wheel.

It was a family project and it is one of my most cherished machines. Her name is Chloe. I soaked her first in a metal pail large enough to hold the machine in WD-40. That started the process, but what really worked was, believe it or not, soaking the machine in coke. YEP, coke. The rust was eaten through and the machine could move. Chloe was alive again!

My Oldest son painted it Mercedes Bends Ice Blue, “because I will always drive a better machine than car!” So, this is my Mercedes!

My Youngest Son helped me pick out a top of the table.

DH helped me cut the opening and countless trips back to MCgiver-Shaw Lumber hardware to find possible parts to make up the tension and other missing parts.

My Oldest Daughter painted the top of the table like a doily. She hid secret messages in the doily along with my monogram.

Baby Daughter helped with naming and stickers.

We recycled a  wicker bicycle basket and strapped that to the sides to “hold” things. (look at the top photo)

DSCF6781The best part of today was people coming up to me telling me their treadling stories. I sew on this machine and it takes people back to their Grandmothers, or mothers when they used these machines as part of their life. I like to think that for a minute, out of the blue, people get to revisit their past. They remember fondly and  spend some time with people they loved.

I always enjoy a day like this volunteering, I get so much out of an event like this, meeting people and just plain sharing what I was so blessed to learn. 


5 responses

  1. Hi mom,
    I see you found the before pictures. If i can dig up some of the sandblasting and all the metal filing that went into that body I will email them to you. Funny you should post this today. Shelly and I were digging around at our favorite metal supplier and stumbled across some really cool bits and pieces of aluminum extrusion that could be made into some nice parts for another machine project. Mr Copeland is going to have me clear some more land this spring again and I have my eyes set on a nice cherry tree that would make a nice table top. Since the last cherry tree went into quilt racks and such for the mother-in-law I think my own mother deserves this one!!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration to try my hand at quilting. I’ve started my string quilt and have four blocks made already! Will probably need advice when I start putting them together and trying my hand at quilting.

    1. Oh Yeah for you!!! I’ll help.. give me a shout!

  3. I love CHLOE before & after!!! Do you stitch strings with 1/4″ seams??? Had many pull out on last one I did…have to be more careful!!!

    1. I tend to make a heavy 1/4″ seam, just because I’m talking and sewing at the same time!! And Chloe says thank you, she felt so pretty Saturday!

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