More Business Cards

I am going to a Quilt Gala This weekend. I am demonstrating all day Friday… Lucky ME!!! I am get to sit and sew all day, at a quilt show! How cool! I needed to have some new cards to give out to ladies and here they are, new cards just for this event.

DSCF6767I started with my sizzix and a scalloped top tag shape. I recycled card pieces from an order earlier this week of Dickies men’s shirts with  the company logo embroidered . I had a dozen shirts so… 12 cardboard inserts to reuse.

The back are black, some with printing, some solid and then some with an abstract part of the packaging.I threading them all through with a spool of ribbon and simply tied them off. DSCF6770


Something different and something that stands out. I made 50 new business cards with just the information I want to give out for nothing and I re-purposed something! My Noteworthy stamp was a gift from my Mom as a house warming gift, and I ordered it  from Sassy Girl, gifts and special things at:

Vicki has tons of styles and looks, even different color inks (red and blue are on order for me now!) I have two stamps, but you only need one ‘base’ and change out the actual stamp for endless uses. There are almost too many styles to choose from! Have fun!




3 responses

  1. LOVE!!!!

  2. Farm Chicks need to have another biz card contest for you to enter! Wish I could go to the quilt show…have a great time!!!

  3. Margie Gschwendtner from Cental Pa. | Reply

    Enjoyed meeting you today at the quiltshow and enjoy listening to you while you sewed. My friend was the one who took the pictures for you today. We both loved your vintage sewingmachines!!! Can’t wait to follow you on your blog!! Margie

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