Beeswax Wax

This is the recipe I use for finishing wood. This can be used after a chalk finish or just a plain finish on wood that is all natural.

Start with Beewax about 1/4 of cup a shaving or in my case the honey comb remnants.


Mix that with a cup of Olive oil, You could use any oil (lemon oil, coconut oil…etc…) I just have Olive oil.



Heat in Microwave until the Beeswax is melted. About 2-3 minutes… keep checking so you don’t scorch or burn.


I have to strain my mixture you may not have to if you started with clean beeswax. Do this while mixture is hot.

DSCF6655Stir until cool and creamy.

Wipe on wood, a little goes along way and then wipe off excess with a cotton rag.

Store extra in an airtight container. I use every now and then on my wood furniture to spruce it up and protect the surface. I have a family full of people would refuse to use coasters so I have water glass marks on everything and this work wonders. It’s great for your hands too!! I can tell I need a manicure from those shots..eekk!


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  1. Please don’t tell me you have bees?!?!?

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