This is why I love to sew!DSCN2625Something as simple as a necktie makes me a hero in my daughters eyes! Her winter formal dance is tonight and her dress changed on Sunday when she got an early birthday present shopping spree with her BF Mom. (How cool!)

The problem then became  MINT tie to match!

Last night one of my shops had this fabric 5 minutes before closing, and then after choir practice 9-ish I started the tie. Before bed it was finished and ready to give to BF at noon today!

DSCN2626Label and all…

Ties only need 7/8 of a yard fabric. They are cut on the bias and you have plenty left over after you make your tie, you just need that much fabric to get the length on bias to make a proper tie. Not the bow tie, but that’s another post. As for interfacing or foundation for the tie… that’s the trick. Resources are scarce for me, so, I re-purpose older ties or cut several layers of inner facing. The best ties have a woven wool that is tacked into place for the drape-ability factor. I’m not a huge fan of fusibles for this project as it binds the fabric sometimes when tying the knot and the tie doesn’t hang properly. I have used a tightly woven flannel (make sure if it’s an ulgy print it doesn’t show through the main fabric,) and that seems to work nicely.  I also like to slip stitch by hand, the back main seam. It’s not a long seam and the whole tie really can be made in under an hour once you get the hang of it. The cost savings, and the time savings (especially for us trying to find a mint green tie this time of year… )it’s a no-brainer for me.

Make your ties!

DSCN2627I ran inside and grabbed the first few ties I could find that were spot-free) for this photo…  both the mint tie and Christmas design ties are 100% cotton and the floral-ish deign is a liberty of london finer lawn fabric…. Yes, My DH keeps his ties stored “pre-tied” so all he has to do is “zip-it-up!”

DSCN2530Yes, my boys wear ties!DSCN2602Can you look any better going to church????



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  1. GEEZ…haven’t made a tie since the 70’s!!! Love the fabric you selected. And the label is just perfect for keeping the narrower end in place. BTW: The little man looks mighty fine in his Sunday best!!!

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