Re-cap of 2013 SATB

I am home again home again jig-i-di-jig! I had a long week with  full classes and some really wonderful women. I wanted to recap the week at the Hilton and Sewing at the Beach 2013:

DSCF6537 I wanted to start off by showing you the view from the 16th floor where we ate lunch everyday. It was so beautiful!

DSCF6534We started off making shadow work pairs by machine. I had such fun classes with such diverse ladies from all over… Michigan, to Puerto Rico, Rhode Island to Florida, just so much fun!


I had two nice evening classes. This was my vintage sewing machine attachment class. I really want to expand this class to a full day class. I have taught classes using the Vintage machines (featherweights in this case,) but now I want to work on a class just using different vintage attachments. I really think people want to get to know these beauties and use them to there fullest potential. My favorite thing to hear in this class is, “Oh is that what that’s for…cool!!”


I taught my doll dress class to another group of ladies. It makes me feel so good when people who have had their machine for a number of years learns something new about their machine. I also love it when I hear… ” I didn’t even know my machine could do that!!!”DSCF6552

Everyone’s bodice turned out to be a one-of-a-kind creation depending on what machine stitches your machine had and what you chose to use. The pin-stitched Madeira applique on the skirt turned out on everyone’s skirt beautifully!

Then there was the Sharks teeth class. What a great day to have Eloise and a full class of more excited fun women!I know this classed was enjoyed by all, and especially Eloise. She is such a ball of energy at … well…. I’m sure I supposed to mention her age… but nothing seems to slow her down. I had such a great time re-introducing people to making sharks teeth and using Eloise’s ruler.DSCF6575

Again we had such a great group of women to share this special day with Eloise.  Long time ago I was a young mom with two babies. I  had a very basic sewing machine and not a whole lot of money. I sewed to make my childrens clothes and was so lucky to have had women like Eloise encourage and teach me. It’s my turn to pass it on and on Saturday I was so honored to have a group pf children to teach. On my class list I was supposed to have 11, however the flu bug hit here and only three young ladies were able to attend. We also had Sandy…. she counts for 5 children…LOL Thanks for sharing this special day with me!


Look at those smiles! The class was a sizzix based class. I only gave them the base fabric for the pillow top. The girls got to cut shapes with a wide assortment of fabrics to make a picture and then freemotion quilt the entire pillow top before putting it together. Kids have no fear!! The did and created what they wanted and were completely free and easy with the quilting. They drew pictures with thread and spelled their names…. I was really amazed. The machines were larger and heavier than the girls!DSCF6585


DSCF6578They even had time to make hair bows..

DSCF6580We even had time to sneak outside to the beach and hunt for shells.


All in all it was a great week!


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  1. Terri…wish I had been there! Projects were just amazing. Especially like the pic of the gorgeous vintage sewing machine and the young lady stitching away!!! Thanks for sharing…

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