Boot Cuffs

Santa brought my daughter a pair of boots for Christmas. She then made a request of me for a pair of boot toppers and I was only too happy to stop and knit!DSCF6515

Once again Ravelry to the rescue:

This pattern is called Rebekah’s Boot Cuffs which is super easy and free too! How perfect. I used a thick/thin yarn so the pattern isn’t as neat and chrisp as her’s….. but DD is happy! The yarn was a loan skein that I had in my stash sent to me by my Sister in Colorado. So it was a double pleasure to knit this up one evening for my daughter.

DSCF6517I may make a cabled pair next, this is such super fast and easy project also a great way to use up leftovers or smaller amounts of yarn!



2 responses

  1. Can this pattern be knit on a straight needle? I am a beginner and cannot master the DPN knitting.
    Thank you for your help.:)

    1. They could, but really… take a leap of faith and try circular needles. I think they are even easier for a beginner. All the weight of the knitting is off of your hands and in your lap. Plus once you get used to knitting in a circle and NOT seaming you’ll fall in love with circular needles!

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