Knitted Headbands

I have been in need of some stress free enjoyable project that also will serve as a gift….DSCF6477This is a simple button closure type head band/earwarmer with a crocheted flower. I was in Charleston last Thursday and I not only saw these at the Market, But I saw them being worn on the streets by…. The whole ride home I sort of knitted it my head. When I got home I found this pattern on line and it is fabulous!!!!

She gives clear directions on the band and on the crocheted flower.
DSCF6472  This head band is knitted in the round and twisted purposely to make the “knot” at the top.
DSCF6473The certain someone who will be given this gift isn’t a flower wearing type person, but will love to have her ears warm this winter.DSCF6474 DSCF6475Here are more versions of my favorite style. You can dress them up anyway you want, no flower or lots of flowers. DSCF6476


One response

  1. Wish it would get cool enough here in Florida to wear one of these sweet head warmers when I do flea markets!!!

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