New sizzix die

First off… can you hear my hoops and hollers??? I found my camera!!! Woo-hoo!

Back to posting finally!

I got a new die for my sizzix for about $9.00 at AC Moore with coupon last week.DSCF6464

I couldn’t wait to try it out… and I could see these simple flower shapes used in all sorts of things, but this first project screamed quilted design of some sort.

I decided to play around with digitizing again and using the sizzix. I cut paper shapes, scanned them and digitized around the shapes. I use the Bernina version 6 software now to digitize my embroidery designs, I started long time ago with the Bernina version 2, upgraded to 4 and then upgraded again to Version 6 several years ago and am very happy with the software. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you learn it the possibilities are endless.

Now back to my project, a pillow top.


I started with a quilted background and stems.

DSCF6467Then I cut the leaves and flowers shapes from the die.

DSCF6468If I only want to cut 5 centers from the yellow, I can stack the fabric over the area and run it through the die. I didn’t mention that I used heat and bond products to adhere to the back of the fabric before cutting. Then all I have to do is peal the paper backing to iron into position before sewing.

DSCF6469To give her more spice I added a border and freemotion quilted, then trimmed it to size.



I thought I’d play around with another design and add a word art design for the back.

DSCF6471I’ll finish the pillow off, with some pom-pom trim or…??? Right now I’m not sure, but one thing I know is that this sure is a happy pillow. I’ll post a shot when It’s finished.

The neat thing is all the possibilities with this new die!




3 responses

  1. Hey Terri, It’s been a while since I have used my sizzx. I have forgotten how to layer the fabric sandwich. Is the die up or down, I have forgotten 😦

    1. I stack it like … clear acrylic, die (face up,) fabric, clear acrylics. I like to see what and where the cuts need to be….

  2. SWEET!!!

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