Owl Always Love you

Owls are very popular, last weekend the owl was a big hit and then again this weekend it was out in style! I remember back in the 70’s when mushrooms and frogs were popular and now, it’s the owls turn.


For a treat this weekend, since I avoid the black Friday craziness (I  stayed home and filled an order for  80 sweatshirts,) Saturday evening the kids and I went out to King Kong Sushi. This was my daughters idea and we have never gone out for sushi like that before. It was so yummy and way better than I thought it would be… anyway… long story short …. We were at Broadway at the Beach and walking around the surprisingly empty shops and I spotted owls everywhere.

I knew I could come up with my own rendition … when ever I have a pondering thought I think about it before I go to sleep and I swear I dream about it all night long and figure out what and how I’m going to create what I want…. and here she is….

Now, I wanted to make several for some gifts and I knew I needed to incorporate not only the machine but some hand work too…


I digitized a back and front of the owl the same size and shape. I was able to combine the front and back in one hooping to make it easier.

I wanted to make as much in the hoop as possible… actually, I could have make the whole thing in the hoop, if I made the back first in one hoop so that when working on the front at the last stop I could  match it up sewing right sides together. I left an opening in a seam at the back so that I would have a way to turn and stuff the owl… But since I combined them in the one hoop I manually stitched them together.At first I just digitized circles for the eyes….but…. I wanted her eyes to really pop, so  I added crocheted flowers …. and that’s the hand work I wanted to add!!

All that’s left to do is stitching together, turning inside out, stuffing and sewing her closed.

Best buds already!





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  1. Terri, I’m seeing owls everywhere but yours are the cutest!!!

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